Mexico City’s Best Bars Named in the 50 Best Bars in the World [2024]

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Every year, the 50 Best Bars in the World list is announced and this year, several of Mexico City’s Best Bars have made it onto the list. From classic cocktail bars to speakeasies, here are some of the top-ranked bars located in Mexico City that made it onto the 2023 list.You will be Surprised! Expect the update of the Best Bars in the world in 2024 late this year (October).

What are the 50 Best Bars?

The 50 Best Bars is a highly influential list that celebrates exceptional craft cocktail bars across the World. Created by William Reed Ltd, the same organization behind the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants, this prestigious list shines a spotlight on the region’s most innovative and trendy bars.

Mexico City has now the Best Bar in Northamerica in 2024

In a surprising turn of events, Mexico City’s Handshake Speakeasy has been crowned the best bar in North America by the prestigious 50 Best organization. This remarkable achievement marks the first time a Mexican bar has claimed the top spot, shattering preconceptions about the country’s craft cocktail scene and solidifying its place as a trendy and hip destination for discerning drinking spots.

handshake speakesy

Led by the visionary bar director Eric van Beek, Handshake Speakeasy has captivated industry experts with its innovative approach to molecular mixology, creating mind-bending cocktails that push the boundaries of flavor and presentation. This local favorite bar in Mexico City has garnered international acclaim, proving that the country’s historic rooftop bars and nightclubs are no longer merely hidden gems but veritable stars on the global stage.

Here is the List of the Best Bars in the World located in Mexico City

#72 Rayo Cocktail Bar: An Honorary Mention

Earning an honorary mention at #72, Rayo Cocktail Bar pays homage to the pre-Columbian goddess Mayahuel, associated with agave. This trendy bar in Mexico City celebrates the country’s heritage through its agave-focused creations, offering a distinct and culturally rich experience for cocktail enthusiasts.

#45 Baltra 

Located in Condesa, Baltra was ranked for a second time as one of the Best Bars in the World. This tiny cozy place is one of the favorites from Members of  the Bar Industry in Mexico and Drinks Are Amazing. The menu offers a variety of classic cocktails as well as innovative drinks and craft beer. It is also known for its incredible food menu with dishes like tacos and quesadillas.This Bar is also owned by Limantour Bar which is also one of the Best Bars in the World since 2012. On this Occasion Baltra Slipped 11 places since last year it was ranked as the 45th best bar in the World, still its a good accomplishment to still be on this 50 best bars list this 2023

#22 Hanky Panky

This Bar Started The Speakeasy Bars Trend in Mexico City and earned the Spot  #22. It also won the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award back in 2022. Classic Cocktails are my favorite Drinks to try in this Place like Pornstar Martini or  the Hanky Panky. This is the ultimate Speakeasy Bar in Experience in Mexico City, its hidden inside a Mexican Restaurant which makes your visit unique. Reservations are tough, so you need to book with at least 2 months in Advance. You can check my full review of Hanky Panky Here

#7 Limantour Bar

Nestled in the heart of Mexico CityLicorería Limantour has cemented its reputation as one of the best bars and popular drinking spots in the city.

Stepping through the doors of Limantour Bar is like stepping back in time, where the spirit of Mexico City’s rich culture comes alive. The bar’s intimate atmosphere and vintage decor transport you to a bygone era, while its exceptional offerings keep you firmly grounded in the present.

One of the highlights of Limantour Bar is its extensive collection of artisanal mezcals. These complex and smoky spirits are a source of immense pride for Mexico, and the bar’s knowledgeable staff is more than happy to guide you through a tasting journey that celebrates the country’s heritage.

But Licorería Limantour is not just about mezcal; it’s also a haven for innovative cocktail creations. The bar’s talented mixologists are true artists, crafting unique and flavor-forward libations that push the boundaries of traditional cocktail-making. The Margarita al Pastor is a must-try cocktail at Limantour Bar; it tastes just like a taco!  And also one of their signature drinks. This Bar has been in the 50 Best Bars List since 2012 and creating an amazing reputation internationally because of its skillful bartenders. I’m sure this bar will become the Best Bar in the World in the next 5 years. Every year they improve on the 50 Best Rankings.

#3 Handshake Speakeasy

Handshake Speakeasy

Handshake Speakeasy’s victory as the best bar in North America in 2024 is a testament to its exceptional craft cocktails and warm hospitality. This trendy bar in Mexico City has become a local favorite, drawing crowds with its innovative approach to mixology.

It just took them 8 months to be one of the best bars in the world in 2021 and since then, they still keep improving every year in the 50 best bars in the world ranking every year, this time becoming the 3rd best bar in the World.

This hidden bar offers an intimate vibe with low lights & comfortable couches where you can enjoy unique cocktails & bites inspired by Mexican traditional ingredients. They have created a totally new concept where every drink has its own story behind it that makes each sip more interesting than ever before! And don’t forget to try some of their signature Drinks like the Drink “Cariño” which is an amazing hybrid between a Piña Colada, Daiquiri and a Mojito with Greek Yoghurt- it’s definitely worth a try!

Mexico City Bar Crawl

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Final Thoughts about the Best Bars in Mexico City

These five amazing bars located in Mexico City have earned their spots on this year’s 50 Best Bars list—and deservedly so! Whether you’re looking for an intimate speakeasy or a cozy bar, these places are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience while enjoying some truly unique drinks crafted by experts who know what they’re doing! So next time you’re visiting Mexico City, make sure to check out at least one of these amazing establishments—you won’t regret it! Just Keep in Mind that you need to make a reservation in advance otherwise you won’t be able to visit any of these places.

Check my Full Experience of Mexico City’s Best Bars ranked in the 50 Best Bars in the World.


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