Handshake Speakeasy: The Best Bar in Northamerica and Mexico [2024]

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Handshake Speakeasy: The Best Bar in Northamerica and Mexico [2024]

Handshake Speakeasy

Mexico City is undeniably a rising star in the global bar scene, boasting an impressive array of top-notch establishments that have garnered international acclaim.Within this vibrant metropolis, Eight bars stand out as shining examples of excellence: Hanky Panky, Rayo, Baltra, Limantour,Cafe de Nadie,Kaito del Valle and Handshake Speakeasy.

Handshake is now the Best Bar in Northamerica in 2024

In a historic moment for Mexico in April 2024, Handshake was officially crowned the Best Bar in North America by the 50 Best Bars. This marks the first time ever a Mexican bar has received this highest honor. Additionally, they retained their title as the Best Bar in Mexico.

handshake speakesy

Handshake’s journey doesn’t stop there. They were also awarded the 3rd Best Bar in the World in 2023, another first for a Mexican bar in the renowned 50 Best Bars in the World annual ranking.

In this Article, I want to share my personal insight and share some interesting facts about Handshake Speakeasy.

What is a Speakeasy Bar?

A speakeasy, back in the day, was a sneaky bar where folks could get their hands on some boozy beverages during the Prohibition era in the United States, which went down from 1920 to 1933. These covert watering holes were usually tucked away in hidden or unmarked spots, making it quite the challenge to stumble upon one. To gain access, you’d typically need to know a secret password or give a special knock.

These speakeasies were craftily stashed away in hidden nooks like basements, back rooms of other businesses, or even private homes. In order to gain entry, you’d often need to have the secret password or knock in a special way. The allure of speakeasies was simple: they provided a safe haven for folks to enjoy their drinks without worrying about getting thrown in the slammer.

Eventually, the speakeasy era came to a close when the Eighteenth Amendment got repealed in 1933. But guess what? The concept of speakeasies never really died out. In fact, it’s still pretty darn popular, and you can find these sneaky joints all around the globe.

Handshake Speakeasy

Handshake Speakeasy, a hidden gem located in the heart of Mexico City, offers an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to discover it. To gain entry, one must seek out a nondescript door discreetly marked with the number 13. Stepping inside transports guests into a realm of elegance and refinement. With a limited seating capacity of only 34, the bar exudes an air of exclusivity, ensuring that each visit is a truly exceptional one.

The place itself makes you feel like if you were inside a Great Gatsby Exclusive Party where only a few people were selected to enjoy a fascinating night with Cocktails that you won’t find on any other part of the city or even the World. This is actually what makes this bar so Unique, I can guarantee that you won’t be able to try these fabulous cocktails or find something similar on any other Bar including their other 3 main competitors also in the 50 Best Bars in the World and North America Rankings.

Handshake Speakeasy

The Cocktails at Handshake Speakasy

The cocktail menu at Handshake Speakeasy is creative and innovative. The bartenders are experts in their craft and take pride in creating unique and delicious drinks. Some of my favorite cocktails include the Piña Colada, which is carbonated to give it a refreshing soda-like taste. If you want to try an International Award Winning Drink created by Celebrity Head Bartender from the Netherlands: Eric Van Beek order Cariño, a hybrid cocktail between a Piña Colada, Daiquiri, and Mojito made with Greek yogurt for a unique and delicious flavor.

My Guests attending my Mexico City Bar Crawl always Laugh when I mention that Most of their Cocktails have a Sexy Look for the aesthetic of each Cocktail offered at the Menu.

The Piña Colada at Handshake

Handshake Speakeasy
A Soda Variaton of the Piña Colada. The signature Drink at Handshake Speakeays

Other Cocktail Recommendations:

  1. The Mini Cocktails: Handshake offers mini cocktail versions of Classic Cocktails like the Mini Clover Club and my All time Favorite Cocktail the Mini Espresso Martini which is Incredible in this place.
  2. Once Upon in Oaxaca: This cocktails is inspired by the process of making Mezcal so they make a fire show on your table with a steel cloth. This Cocktails has Mezcal, Absinthe, Mint, Whey and some Lemon Juice. It takes 3 day into making this cocktail which they make in their underground cocktail Lab.
  3. Vino: It looks like Wine, It smells like Wine but it tastes like an originalc Cocktail inspired by the Chardonnay Wine with Gin, Vodka, Passionfruit, Melon and Honey. Its Served in a Wine Glass and tastes Amazing. Just like the Once Upon in Oaxaca, this cocktail takes 3 days into making because of the Cocktail Clarification process which I will explain in a future Post.
  4. Fig Martini: This is a Martini infused with Fig Leaves. This is a very lighter version to drink comparted to a regular martini which makes it more easier to drink.
  5. Jasmin and Guava: Bushmills Whisky with Guava and Jasmin. The Flavor combination is Incredible
  6. Butter Mushroon Old Fashion: This is a spinoff to the Traditional Old Fashion where they do a Butterfat Wash with the Bourbon and then they mix it with Chanterelle Mushrooms and then some maple added to the Traditional Old Fashion. They Garnish this Cocktail with Enoki Mushrooms, this is one of my favorite Old Fashion Variations I have ever tried.

A New Second Bar location: COMPROMISO BAR

The Main and Secret Entrance to Compromiso

It should be important to mention that there is now a second location in the basement of the same building where Handshake is located called Compromiso. This Bar has more space but still keeps the same speakeasy vibes like the original location, making Handshake worth visiting twice.This project was created because since the original Bar only allows guests to stay for no more than 90 mins, the owners wanted to create a Bar Extension where Guests can stay longer in a new spot, this being the “Compromiso” Bar.

This second location also offers a different cocktail menu which is reduced in amount of cocktails offered,but this doesn’t mean that the cocktails are low quality, au contraire, they are equally spectacular. If you trust my Good taste I highly recommend a cocktail in this 2nd Bar: The Salt and Pepper (The Lost Explorer Mezcal, Strawberry, Yellow Bell Pepper , Salt & Pepper)

The Famous Salt & Pepper Mezcal coctkail at Compromiso Bar

As a second Alternative I also recommend the Banana Split Cocktail: A Blend of Sherries wih Rum and Banana Liquor; what I really like about this cocktail is the Garnish which is a Chocolate Shaped Lego filled with Banana Cream. Simply Delicious!

Other Cocktail Recommendations at the 2nd Bar Location:

  1. Matcha Dame Blanche: Inspired by a Dutch Dessert, this cocktail has vanilla, Matcha, White Chocolate and Gin where they do a cocktail clarification that takes 3 days in the making.
  2. Caprese: Inspired by the Caprese Salad, they make this solid food in a cocktail with Gin, Tomato Water, Basil and Simple Syrup. It tastes incredible!!
  3. Coffee Fizz: As the name says, this cocktail has some mezcal infused with coffee beans, whey protein and simple syrup. This is a very tasty cocktail and very easy to drink, don’t be scared about the the whey protein, they only use it to add more volume to the cocktail after doing the clarification process.

Having Drinks at the 2nd Bar Location: Compromiso By Handshake

You can now Try the Classic Handshake Cocktails at Compromiso

Starting in 2024, patrons at Handshake Compromiso will have a delightful new addition to their bar experience. In response to valuable feedback, the newest bar will now offer a selection of Classic Signature Cocktails, including favorites like the Piña Colada, Cariño, Once Upon in Oaxaca, and the Buttermushroom Old Fashion. This decision comes after some guests expressed disappointment at the absence of these beloved drinks at Compromiso.

The Famous Buttermushroom Old Fashion now available at Compromiso Bar as well

This compromise aims to strike a balance, providing patrons with the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. Notably, some exclusive beverages from Compromiso and the main bar will remain distinct, maintaining the individual character of each establishment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for guests to experience the signature cocktails at Compromiso, enhancing their overall enjoyment and offering a diverse array of choices. Cheers to satisfaction and variety!

  • Handshake Speakeasy opened in May of 2021.
  • In just 8 months, it was ranked as the 25th best bar in the world.
  • In 2022, it was ranked 11th best bar in the world.
  • In 2023 It was ranked as the 3rd Best Bar in the World.
  • It is expected to rank even higher in 2024.
  • Drinks at Handshake Speakeasy cost between 200 and 300 MXN (10-15 USD).
  • Reservations are required at least one month in advance.
  • The Original bar on the upper level only seats 34 people and there is a time limit of staying at the Bar per reservation of 90 mins.
  • Handshake Speakeasy partnered with Migrante in 2023 to create a new menu of food that is inspired by the flavors of Mexico with dishes like Watermelon Ceviche and the famous Braised Short Rib from this restaurant.
  • This Bar offers Mocktails for people that don’t drink alcohol.
  • There is no Dress Code for this Bar.
Hadnshake Speakeasy

Special Guest Bartending Nights at Handshake Speakeasy:

At Handshake Speakeasy, the excitement doesn’t stop at their regular menu. Every so often, this hidden gem in Mexico City hosts special nights that bring renowned guest bartenders and bars from around the world to share their expertise and signature cocktails. It’s a captivating opportunity for guests to savor the flavors of some of the most esteemed bars in the industry, all within the stylish confines of Handshake.

Bars like Double Chicken Please, the current best bar in North America, and Leyenda from New York City have been among the prestigious establishments that have graced Handshake with their presence. These guest bartenders bring their unique styles and innovative concoctions, offering patrons an extraordinary tasting experience.

Reservations at Handshake

You can book a reservation Handshake Speakeasy via Opentable up to 2 weeks in advance. Reservations can be hard to get so make sure to plan in advance your visit to Handshake, also keep in mind that the group maximum size is 8 people. There is also a 90 mins time for you to stay at the Bar and this is because the bar is very small so there needs to be a constant flow of movement to let more people enjoy Handshake.

Here are some Interesting Facts about Handshake Speakeasy

Opening hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 6pm – 1am

Thursday – Saturday: 6pm – 2am

Sunday: 6pm – 12am

Address: Amberes 65, Colonia Juarez inside the NH hotel

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