Double Chicken Please: An amazing Bar in NYC

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Double Chicken Please an Amazing Bar in NYC

Double Chicken Please

Double Chicken Please is a vibrant restaurant and cocktail bar nestled in the charming Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York City. This Bar, established in 2020 by GN Chan and Faye Chen, was envisioned as a haven where patrons could relish delectable cuisine and indulge in tantalizing beverages within an atmosphere that exudes fun and creativity.

The unique concept, culinary excellence, and innovative cocktail creations of Double Chicken Please have garnered high praise from patrons and critics alike. In a remarkable achievement, the establishment was recently honored as The Best Bar in North America for the year 2023. Furthermore, it secured an impressive ranking as the second best bar in the world according to The World’s 50 Best Bars in 2023. And as of 2024 this Bar just ranked as the 7th Best Bar in North America keeping its amazing reputation til this day.

Double Chicken Please

Staying true to its name, Double Chicken Please presents a dual concept masterfully blended within a stylish New York City setting. Adorned with exposed brick, carefully curated fixtures, and elegant lighting, the location pays homage to the vibrant soda shops of the Lower East Side’s bygone era.

If you’re curious about the name of this bar, “Double Chicken Please” is a nod to Chan’s childhood nickname and originally the intended moniker for his design studio. The name is also a reference to the bar’s signature chicken sandwich, which is made with two fried chicken cutlets, cheese, pickles, and special sauce.

The front room offers a casual environment where guests can savor the renowned chicken sandwich and indulge in tap cocktails, such as the exquisite #1 concoction comprising tequila, white cranberry, lavender, cacao, and amaro. It is an ideal space to experience refined flavors in a relaxed setting. However, it is when you venture into the sophisticated back room that the libations take an enchanting twist.

The Front Room at Double Chicken Please

The front room of Double Chicken Please is a casual and fast-paced space that serves up cocktails on tap and fried chicken sandwiches. The menu is small but focused, with a few classic cocktails and a rotating selection of seasonal flavors. The chicken sandwiches are made with a secret blend of herbs and spices, and they’re fried to perfection. The front room is a great place to go for a casual meal with friends or a quick bite to eat before a show. The place is surrounded by Animations or cartoons from the 1930s, it reminded me of the Famous Mickey Mouse Animation Steamboat Willie, its that style of cartoons displayed throughout the front room in Double Chicken Please.

The Coop at Double Chicken Please. Previously known as The Back Room

The Coop at Double Chicken Please is a more elegant and sophisticated space that serves up a more creative cocktail menu and a wider selection of food. The menu includes small plates, charcuterie, and a few larger entrees. The cocktails in the back room are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and they’re often infused with herbs and spices. The back room is a great place to go for a special occasion or a night out with friends.

The Coop at Double Chicken Please introduces patrons to an innovative realm of mixology, where craft cocktails deconstruct, redefine, and reconstruct iconic dishes into liquid form.

My Review of some of the Cocktails I tried at Double Chicken Please

Before I begin to review the cockctails it is important for me to mention that I only had cocktails at the famous Coop. The Coop (formerly known as The Back Room) as I’ve mentioned before is where most of there signature cocktails that made Double Chicken Famous are served. Evenutally I will visit back again and try the Front Room as well.

  • My Favorite Cocktail in Double Chicken Please: The Japanese Cold Noodle
Double Chicken Please

The Japanese Cold Noodle cocktail is a refreshing and flavorful drink made with Bacardi Superior rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, cucumber juice, lime juice, and sesame oil. It is garnished with a dehydrated noodle on a bamboo skewer.he cocktail is a unique and delicious way to enjoy the flavors of Japanese cold noodles in a boozy form.

The Bacardi Superior rum adds a smooth and slightly sweet flavor to the cocktail. The coconut syrup adds a tropical sweetness. The pineapple juice adds a tart and fruity flavor. The cucumber juice adds a refreshing and vegetal flavor. The lime juice adds a tart and citrusy flavor. The sesame oil adds a nutty and savory flavor. The dehydrated noodle garnish adds a crunchy and salty flavor.

  • The Cold Pizza
The Cold Pizza
Photo by 50 Best Bars

I didn’t try this cocktail in New York but actually in Mexico City at the Famous Handshake Bar where Double Chicken Please was making a special pop up event and was lucky to try this cocktail. The Cold Pizza Cocktail is a unique and delicious cocktail inspired by the flavors of cold pizza. It is made with Don Fulano Blanco tequila, clarified tomato water, oolong tea honey, lime-basil cordial, egg white, and burnt toast and parmesan infused tequila. It is garnished with a custom edible rice paper print of a hand holding a slice of pizza.

The cocktail is made by first infusing tequila with the flavors of burnt toast and parmesan cheese. The tequila is then combined with clarified tomato water, oolong tea honey, lime-basil cordial, and egg white. The cocktail is shaken and strained into a chilled glass, and it is garnished with the custom edible rice paper print.

  • The Key Lime Pie Cocktail – A variation of the Famous Ramos Gin Fizz

The Key Lime Pie cocktail is a refreshing and tart cocktail made with gin, sweet cream, heavy cream, egg white, “The Plum, I Suppose,” and winter melon syrup. It is shaken and strained into a glass, then topped with club soda and a spritz of lime bitters. The gin gives the cocktail a nice bite, while the egg white adds a smooth and creamy texture. The “The Plum, I Suppose” is a liqueur made with plums, ginger, and spices. It adds a unique flavor to the cocktail that is reminiscent of key lime pie.

The lime bitters add a touch of acidity and bitterness, which helps to balance out the sweetness of the other ingredients. The Key Lime Pie cocktail is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy a taste of key lime pie. It is sure to please fans of the dessert and cocktails alike.

  • The French Toast Cocktail

The French Toast cocktail is a rich, flip-style cocktail made with Grey Goose vodka, roasted barley, brioche, coconut, milk, maple syrup, and egg. It is garnished with a bittersweet Espresso Martini-flavored “Oreo” on the rim of the glass.The cocktail is a unique and delicious way to enjoy the flavors of French toast in a boozy form.The roasted barley tea adds a rich, malty flavor to the cocktail. The toasted brioche concentrate adds a sweet, bready flavor. The whole milk adds creaminess. The coconut water adds a tropical flavor and lightness. The egg adds richness and body. The Espresso Martini-flavored Oreo garnish adds a bitter, chocolatey flavor.

New York City – The Epicenter of some of the best bars in the World

Double Chicken Please

New York City’s prominence in the realm of exceptional bars comes as little surprise. The city has long been regarded as the unofficial capital of the craft cocktail movement, boasting a plethora of bars celebrated for their ingenuity in mixology and alluring atmospheres. In addition to securing the top spot, New York City is aptly represented by renowned establishments such as Katana Kitten (ranked third), Dante (ranked sixth), and the impressive ascent of Overstory (which leaped 27 spots to claim the seventh position this year).

Other notable entries include Attaboy (last year’s top-ranked bar, now ranked thirteenth), Employees Only (ranked fourteenth), Mace (ranked eighteenth), Martiny’s (ranked twenty-ninth), Maison Premiere (ranked thirty-ninth), The Dead Rabbit (ranked forty-fourth), Clover Club (ranked forty-sixth), and Milady’s (ranked fiftieth). Notably, Martiny’s and Milady’s made their debut appearance on the list this year, showcasing the ever-evolving and dynamic bar scene of the city. Furthermore, Manhatta, although not securing a spot on the list, was hailed as the Campari One to Watch, an esteemed accolade predicting future recognition.

Mandatory Reservations for the Back Room at Double Chicken Please

I cannot emphasize enough that you have to get a reservation for getting into the Back Room, you won’t be able to get the cocktails of the Back Room at the front room because they want to offer a different experience for each of the rooms.Reservations are available via Resy 6 days in advance while the Front Room is First Come, first Served concept which like I mentioned is more relaxed and casual vibe.

Final thoughts on Double Chicken Please:

 Double Chicken Please stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of GN Chan and Faye Chen,With its delectable menu, creative cocktails, and accolades from prestigious lists, the establishment has carved a well-deserved place among the best bars not only in North America but also across the globe. As the vibrant heart of New York City’s thriving bar scene, it continues to captivate visitors with its enchanting ambiance, mouthwatering offerings, and unforgettable libations. 

Overall Double Chicken Please is a very well deserved winner of the Best Bar in North America this 2023, I would say that for the moment I would say that 4 of my 10 all time favorite cocktails are from Double Chicken Please and I’m looking forward to go back and try the rest of the cocktail Menu from the Back Room.

Youtube video with my experience at Double Chicken Please

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