Taqueria Orinoco: One of the Best Tacos in Mexico City

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Taqueria Orinoco: One of the Best Tacos in Mexico City

Located in the vibrant streets of Mexico City, where the scent of street food dances through the air, Taqueria Orinoco emerges as some of the best tacos in town. As a devoted Mexican connoisseur of this iconic Mexican dish, I want to share my thoughts and interesting facts about Taqueria Orinoco. Join me as I share an in-depth and delightful experience at this celebrated taquería that has become a cornerstone of the taco scene in the heart of Mexico.

The Origins of Taqueria Orinoco::

Taqueria Orinoco traces its roots back to Monterrey, a city that boasts a unique taco culture. In Monterrey, the tacos al pastor are colloquially known as tacos de trompo, and the prevalence of flour tortillas distinguishes it from the taco traditions in the central regions of the country like Mexico City. The culinary genius behind the tantalizing recipes of Taqueria Orinoco is Jesús Villarreal, affectionately known as ‘Chuy,’ who not only crafts exquisite dishes but is also a co-founder of this establishment.

The concept behind Taqueria Orinoco was to create a taquería with a cult-like following, reflecting the distinctive style of the then-Distrito Federal (now known as Mexico City). What sets it apart is its nostalgic ambiance, reminiscent of an old-school taquería adorned with handcrafted signs, aluminum accents, and tiles—a visual feast that stands in stark contrast to the sleek and modern establishments that dominate the culinary landscape today in the city.

While the taco chain has not officially mentioned the origin of its name, speculation hints at a possible reference to one of its Monterrey locations, situated on Avenida Río Orinoco.

Tacos Orinoco in the Heart of Mexico City:

The journey of Tacos Orinoco in Mexico City began in 2017 with the inauguration of its first branch on Insurgentes Sur, near the corner of Álvaro Obregón in the Roma Neighborhood. Since then, the capital has warmly embraced this taquería, boasting four establishments: Roma, Condesa, Zona Rosa and Polanco dedicated to satisfying the cravings of locals and tourists alike for authentic Mexican antojitos.

The Menu at Taqueria Orinoco:

Taqueria Orinoco is renowned for its menu featuring three proteins: beef (res), pastor, and chicharrón (both pork), each presenting mouthwatering combinations that cater to diverse tastes.

Taco Prices

Type Price (per piece)
Trompo 28 pesos
Res 41 pesos
Chicharrón 37 pesos

Costra Prices

Type Price (per piece)
Trompo 55 pesos
Res 55 pesos
Chicharrón 55 pesos

Specialty Tacos

Type Price
Gringa (Pastor) 125 pesos
Pirata (Res) 125 pesos
Campechana (Res and Pastor) 125 pesos
Norteña (Chicharrón) 125 pesos


Type Price
Soft Drinks and Water 33 pesos
Hibiscus (Agua de Jamaica) and Guava (Agua de Guayaba) Drinks 45 pesos

For those seeking a refreshing beverage to complement their tacos, Taqueria Orinoco offers a selection of soft drinks and natural water, reasonably priced at 33 pesos. Noteworthy are their hibiscus (agua de jamaica) and guava (agua de guayaba) drinks, priced at 45 pesos.

International Celebrities love Orinoco:

Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Rosalía constantly order Tacos from Orinoco. Their endorsement not only adds a touch of glamour but also underscores the taquería’s commitment to delivering an exceptional culinary experience that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.There are multiple pictures on Social Media where you can see how these celebrities order for delivery these tacos to their luxury hotels after a concert.

Exploring the Origins: Tacos de Trompo in Monterrey:

The Pastor Beef at Taqueria Orinoco

One of the defining features of Taqueria Orinoco is its roots in Monterrey, where the taco culture takes on a distinctive character. In Monterrey, tacos al pastor are colloquially known as tacos de trompo, emphasizing the traditional method of preparation where the marinated meat is skewered on a vertical rotisserie.

Moreover, the prevalence of flour tortillas in Monterrey sets it apart from the central regions of Mexico, where corn tortillas are more commonly used. This subtle yet significant difference in taco culture adds a layer of diversity to the culinary landscape, and Taqueria Orinoco masterfully brings this regional authenticity to the heart of Mexico City.

Exploring the Menu’s Diverse Offerings:

Taqueria Orinoco’s menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, showcasing the versatility of Mexican street food. The three primary proteins—res, pastor, and chicharrón—serve as the foundation, each offering a unique and delightful experience for taco enthusiasts.

The Trompo Experience: A Monterrey Delicacy:

Taqueria Orinoco
Photo by Taqueria Orinoco

The term “tacos de trompo” in Monterrey refers to the traditional method of preparing tacos al pastor. The marinated meat is stacked on a vertical rotisserie, creating a visually striking “trompo” or spinning top. The result is a tender and flavorful pastor that embodies the essence of Monterrey’s taco culture.

Tacos de Trompo at Taqueria Orinoco are a celebration of tradition and innovation. The succulent slices of marinated meat are expertly carved from the spinning trompo, creating tacos that are not only visually appealing but also bursting with flavor. The choice of flour tortillas enhances the experience, providing a delightful contrast to the robust flavors of the pastor.

Res: A Beefy Affair with Mexican Flair:

Photo by Taqueria Orinoco

For those inclined towards the richness of beef, the res tacos at Taqueria Orinoco are a true delight. The marinated beef, cooked to perfection, offers a symphony of savory notes that dance on the taste buds. Whether enjoyed on its own or with the array of toppings and salsas available, the res tacos are a testament to the artistry of ‘Chuy’ and the commitment to quality that defines Taqueria Orinoco.

Chicharrón: A Crispy and Flavorful Twist:

For a crispy and flavorful experience, the chicharrón tacos at Taqueria Orinoco are a must-try. The crunchy texture of the fried pork skin combined with the savory marinade creates a harmonious blend of textures and tastes. It’s a unique offering that adds a delightful twist to the traditional taco experience, showcasing the creativity that sets Taqueria Orinoco apart.

Want to try the three proteins in One Dish?

Taqueria Orinoco offers a taco package called “La Tercia” this means that you are asking for a dish with all three tacos from the menu I just mentioned. This “Tercia” comes with fried Potatoes which is a signature side offered in this type of dish packages.

Costra: A Crispy Shell of Flavorful Goodness:

Taqueria Orinoco

The costra tacos at Taqueria Orinoco take the taco experience to a whole new level. A crispy layer of melted cheese forms a delectable shell, encapsulating the flavorful filling within. Whether you opt for trompo, res, or chicharrón, the costra tacos offer a satisfying crunch with every bite, making them a favorite among those seeking a textural adventure.

Specialty Tacos: Elevating the Taco Experience

Taqueria Orinoco goes beyond the traditional and offers a selection of specialty tacos that elevate the taco experience to new heights. Each specialty taco is a carefully crafted masterpiece that showcases the culinary creativity of ‘Chuy’ and the commitment to delivering a memorable dining experience.

The Gringa at Taqueria Orinoco

– Gringa (Pastor): The Gringa taco, made with pastor, is a delightful fusion of flavors. The tender pastor, combined with the melted cheese and tortilla, creates a satisfying blend that is both comforting and exciting. Priced at 125 pesos, it’s a specialty taco that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

– Pirata (Res): The Pirata taco, featuring marinated beef, is a carnivore’s dream. The robust flavors of the res, combined with the crispy edges of the costra, result in a taco that is hearty and fulfilling. Priced at 125 pesos, the Pirata is a must-try for those who appreciate the boldness of beef in every bite.

– Campechana (Res and Pastor): The Campechana taco offers the best of both worlds, combining the savory goodness of res and the traditional flavors of pastor. The harmonious marriage of these two proteins creates a taco that is a true celebration of diversity in taste. Priced at 125 pesos, the Campechana is a testament to Taqueria Orinoco’s dedication to offering a diverse and satisfying menu.

– Norteña (Chicharrón): For those who crave the crispy goodness of chicharrón, the Norteña taco is a delightful choice. The fried pork skin, combined with the unique marinade, creates a taco that is both crunchy and flavorful. Priced at 125 pesos, the Norteña taco is a testament to Taqueria Orinoco’s ability to infuse creativity into traditional offerings.

Beverages: Refreshing Complements to Tantalizing Tacos:

Soft Drinks and Water: For those who prefer classic pairings, Taqueria Orinoco provides a selection of soft drinks and natural water at a reasonable price of 33 pesos. The familiar fizz of a soda or the crispness of natural water serves as a palate cleanser, preparing you for the next flavorful bite.

Hibiscus and Guava Drinks: For a more adventurous and flavorful option, Taqueria Orinoco offers hibiscus (agua de jamaica) and guava (agua de guayaba) drinks, priced at 45 pesos. These vibrant and fruity beverages add a burst of freshness to the meal, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The dessert is Incredible: Buñuelos with Banana Ice Cream

Taqueria Orinoco

A huge surprise was the last part of my dinner at Orinoco and it was the dessert which is a Buñuelo with Banana Ice Cream with Dulce de Leche Sauce. What are buñuelos? Essentially, buñuelos are light and airy fritters made from a simple dough base of flour, eggs, sugar, and leavening agents like baking powder or yeast. My God, this combination of a Buñuelo and the sweet taste of Ice Cream is beyond incredible, what I like about this dessert is its originality, its not like they’re offering the typical cheesecake or Ice Cream but something much more original.

Are Taqueria Orinoco’s Tacos the Best in Mexico City?

So, here’s the scoop on Taqueria Orinoco’s tacos in Mexico City – are they the best? Well, it’s all about personal taste. The “trompo” tacos,(or al Pastor), are pretty stellar, no doubt. But calling them the absolute best? That’s up to you.

Orinoco has snagged its spot among the top taco spots, but let’s keep it real – Mexico City is bursting with awesome taco joints, each with its own vibe. Finding the ultimate taco? It’s like hunting for your favorite song – totally subjective.

Sure, some folks might argue about the best tacos, just like New Yorkers do with pizza. But guess what? Orinoco is right up there, a must-try for any taco fan exploring the food scene in Mexico City. 🌮✨

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Final Thoughts: A Gastronomic Journey Worth Taking

Taqueria Orinoco

If you’re a taco aficionado or a casual diner seeking some good tacos in the city, Taqueria Orinoco offers a taco adventure that transcends expectations. The dedication to preserving tradition, the creativity  and taste infused into every dish,make Taqueria Orinoco a must-visit destination for those looking to explore the diverse and flavorful world of Mexican tacos.

So, the next time you find yourself in Mexico City, don’t miss the opportunity to try the tacos at Taqueria Orinoco at any of their locations spread throughout Mexico City. Enjoy!!

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