A List of the 10 Best Polanco Restaurants in Mexico City

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Polanco Restaurants

Exploring Polanco’s culinary wonders has been a delightful journey for me as a local and an avid foodie. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of savoring the offerings of numerous restaurants in this iconic neighborhood, and I’ve handpicked 10 favorite Polanco Restaurants that always impress.

Polanco, renowned as one of Mexico City’s most dynamic neighborhoods, is a treasure trove of diverse dining experiences. My carefully curated list spans the spectrum of culinary delights, from the sophistication of French cuisine to the bold flavors of Asian fusion, the comforting classics of Italian fare, and the hearty indulgence of steakhouses. Of course, we can’t forget the exquisite world of fine-dining Mexican cuisine.

Polanco Restaurants

In a neighborhood teeming with hundreds of dining options, selecting the crème de la crème was no small task. However, I wanted to share the gems that have become my go-to spots, each leaving an indelible mark on my palate. So, whether you’re a local seeking fresh culinary adventures or a visitor eager to dive into Polanco’s gastronomic scene, my list is your passport to an unforgettable array of flavors right in the heart of Mexico City! 🌮🌍

Polanco: Where Elegance Meets Expense

In the heart of Mexico City, Polanco stands as the epitome of upscale living, earning its reputation as the most exclusive neighborhood in the city. This upscale concept extends to its dining scene, where refinement and quality converge to create a culinary haven. As you embark on your gastronomic journey through Polanco’s renowned restaurants, it’s essential to be mindful of the price tags.

The Price of Prestige

Polanco’s allure comes with a price, quite literally. The neighborhood’s commitment to luxury translates into an array of high-end dining establishments that offer not only exquisite meals but also an elevated experience. Fine dining, attentive table service, and an atmosphere of sophistication characterize these culinary gems, making them an indulgence worth savoring.

Prepare for Pricier Dining Experiences

While the culinary adventure promises unparalleled flavors, it’s important to note that the upscale nature of Polanco’s dining establishments means a heftier bill compared to other neighborhoods in Mexico City. The investment, however, goes beyond the mere cost, offering a chance to immerse yourself in the refined world of high-end gastronomy.

Our journey in Polanco will start with two globally renowned gems! Explore the first two restaurants listed on the 2023 ’50 Best Restaurants in the World Ranking, offering exquisite and innovative fine dining experiences in upscale Mexican cuisine. Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors and culinary mastery, where tradition meets modernity in every dish. 

These culinary maestros elevate Mexican gastronomy to unprecedented heights, providing a distinctive and unforgettable tasting journey. So, let’s start this list of the best restaurants in Polanco, where each bite is a symphony of taste and elegance.


Pujol Mexico City

Pujol (reservations recommended): Founded by visionary chef Enrique Olvera in 2000, Pujol has become a cornerstone of Mexico City’s fine dining scene. This celebrated restaurant recently achieved a landmark accomplishment – becoming the first Mexican establishment to be awarded 2 Michelin Stars. Pujol’s dedication to culinary excellence is further solidified by its consistent ranking among the world’s best, having secured the 13th position on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023 list. Discerning diners can embark on two distinct culinary journeys at Pujol: the renowned tasting menu or the recently launched Omakase Taco Bar.

The Tasting Menu: A Symphony of Flavors

The tasting menu is a seven-course symphony of flavors, meticulously crafted to showcase the kaleidoscope of Mexican ingredients and techniques. Expect the unexpected: baby corn adorned with chicatana ant mayonnaise, Mole Madre and Mole Nuevo dancing in concentric rings, and perhaps even a glimpse into Mexico’s rich history woven onto the plate. This culinary journey comes at a price, with the tasting menu set at MXN $2565 (USD $128), but the memories linger long after the last bite.

Omakase Taco Bar: Surrender to the Chef’s Whims

For those seeking a more casual yet no less delectable adventure, the Omakase Taco Bar beckons. Inspired by the Japanese tradition, guests surrender their palates to the chef’s whims, enjoying a parade of meticulously crafted tacos featuring the freshest seasonal ingredients. Scallops with avocado, ginger, and shiso might find themselves nestled next to squash blossoms filled with koshihikari rice and amberjack. Be prepared for a delightful surprise with each bite – this is fine dining in taco form.

Unveiling the Omakase Price Point:

Embarking on this culinary adventure will cost MXN 3332 (USD $175) per person, including the set food menu and your choice of drink pairing. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options are available, allowing you to tailor the experience to your preferences.

Reservations are highly recommended

Securing a coveted seat at Pujol requires planning. Due to its immense popularity, reservations are highly recommended at least 3 months in advance. Don’t be deterred – the reward of immersing yourself in this culinary haven is well worth the wait.

You can also check my in-depth review of Pujol by clicking HERE.

2.-Quintonil: Mexico City’s Culinary Crown Jewel Soars Higher

Move over, Pujol, there’s a new star in Mexico City’s gastronomic firmament. Quintonil, the brainchild of chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores, has ascended to unprecedented heights, surpassing its renowned neighbor in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023, landing at a breathtaking #9th position.

But Quintonil is not just about topping charts; it’s about offering a truly transcendent dining experience. Be prepared for a price tag that reflects its elite status, however. The ever-evolving tasting menu comes at MXN 3500 (USD 180), surpassing Pujol’s already hefty price point.

Yet, for those seeking culinary adventure, Quintonil delivers in spades. The tasting menu is a carefully curated journey through Chef Vallejo’s imaginative interpretations of Mexican cuisine. Expect vibrant plates adorned with seasonal ingredients, often sourced within 30 meters of the restaurant’s urban garden. Think spider crab in green mole with lime kaffir and blue corn tostadas, or a braised oxtail nestled in a traditional black recado sauce.

For an even deeper dive into Vallejo’s culinary tapestry, consider the Open Kitchen Bar experience. Priced at MXN 4,500 (USD 230), this intimate counter seating offers a front-row view of the culinary ballet unfolding in the kitchen. Witness the meticulous handcrafting of each dish, savor the aromas, and engage in dialogue with the chefs – a truly interactive and immersive experience.

However, prepare for the unexpected. Quintonil’s menu is a chameleon, changing with the seasons and Chef Vallejo’s whims. Each visit promises a novel adventure, a testament to their commitment to culinary innovation and constant evolution.

You can check my full review of my experience at Quintonil HERE

3. A Taste of Italy in Mexico City: Alfredo di Roma’s Enduring Legacy

Nestled within the opulent Presidente InterContinental Hotel in Mexico City lies a culinary haven – Alfredo di Roma. More than just a restaurant, it’s a vibrant testament to family tradition, historic charm, and, of course, the world-renowned Fettuccine Alfredo.

This story begins in 1908, not in Mexico, but on the cobbled streets of Rome. There, Alfredo Di Lelio dreamt up a dish for his pregnant wife – a symphony of creamy butter, Parmesan cheese, and perfectly al dente fettuccine. The creation became a sensation, attracting celebrities and dignitaries to his tiny trattoria. Over a century later, the Di Lelio family continues to share their secret recipe, bringing a taste of Rome to Mexico City.

Alfredo di Roma isn’t just about pasta, though. The menu is a love letter to Italian gastronomy, showcasing fresh seafood, tender meats, wood-fired pizzas, and creamy risottos. Every dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality, sourced from the finest local ingredients.

And then there’s the magic – the Fettuccine Alfredo. Witnessing its preparation is a theatrical performance. Waiters twirl the silky fettuccine in a parmesan-infused bath in front of your table, adding dollops of butter with a maestro’s touch. Each bite is pure indulgence, a creamy embrace of rich flavors that linger long after the last forkful. Something very particular about ordering the Fettuccine Alfredo is that you get a certificate of authenticity of the Legendary Pasta.

Alfredo di Roma is more than a restaurant; it’s a living legacy. It’s a story whispered across generations, carried on plates of fragrant pasta. It’s a taste of Italy, refined for Mexico City, where every meal feels like a celebration. 

4. Cuerno Masaryk: Where Steak, Seafood, and Star Power Collide

Cuerno Masaryk is one of the most popular Steakhouses in Mexico City and one of the most famous High-End restaurant experiences in Polanco. This sleek, dimly lit restaurant takes you on a journey through Mexican and International cuisine, specializing in exquisitely grilled steaks and the freshest seafood. But beyond the sizzling plates, Cuerno Masaryk boasts a celebrity-studded past and a dessert that’s simply divine.

Steak and Seafood Nirvana:

Fire-kissed cuts of meat like the Tomahawk Ribeye and the New York Strip are the undisputed stars of the show. Each juicy bite explodes with flavor, a testament to the restaurant’s meticulous sourcing and grilling techniques. Seafood lovers fear not! Cuerno Masaryk’s glistening oysters, succulent lobster, and pan-seared scallops will leave you wanting more.

My Secret Weapon: Pork Belly Tacos:

Take my word for it, start your meal with Pork Belly Tacos. These aren’t your average street tacos. Melt-in-your-mouth pork belly nestled in perfectly charred tortillas, topped with a tangy salsa verde and a sprinkle of cilantro, they’re an explosion of textures and flavors that will have you hooked from the first bite. Trust me, these are not to be missed!

A Star-Studded Clientele:

Cuerno Masaryk’s allure extends beyond its culinary prowess. In 2017, when the NBA touched down in Mexico City, the league’s directors made Cuerno Masaryk their go-to spot, dropping a cool $137,000 on a single night! So, you never know who you might rub shoulders with over a sizzling steak or a plate of plump oysters.

End on a Sweet High:

No meal is complete without dessert, and at Cuerno Masaryk, the finale is just as show-stopping as the main act. Their signature “La Campechana” takes center stage. Imagine this: a delicate puff pastry cake layered with creamy Dulce de Leche, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with toasted almonds. Each bite is a dance of textures and sweetness, a perfect ending to your Cuerno Masaryk adventure.

So, whether you’re a die-hard steak lover, a seafood enthusiast, or just looking for a taste of Mexico City’s glitzy side, Cuerno Masaryk is a must-visit. 

5. Ryoshi, considered the best Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Mexico City

Photo by Ryoshi Masaryk

From the moment you step inside Ryoshi, the sleek ambiance, pulsating energy, and aroma of culinary artistry ignite your senses. But if you truly want to unlock Ryoshi’s magic, I implore you: beg for a seat at the Sushi Bar.

Now, onto the delectable symphony of flavors that awaits. My recommendations are a testament to Ryoshi’s audacious fusion of Japanese tradition and Latin flair. Start with the Cheese Kushiages – think molten mozzarella and gooey gouda encased in crispy panko breadcrumbs, a playful explosion of textures in every bite.

Next, embark on a journey through the smoky depths of flavor with the Pork Belly Sticks, caramelized to perfection and begging to be dipped in their house-made sauces. And for a taste of the sea with a surprising crunch, the Crispy Rice Tuna Cakes are a revelation. The delicate tuna tartare nestled within a crispy rice shell is a testament to Ryoshi’s commitment to both innovation and comfort.

But the adventure doesn’t end there. For dessert, prepare to be dazzled by the Rainbow Cake – a whimsical explosion of color and sweetness that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. And to elevate the experience pair it with the famed Carajillo. Imagine warming Liquor 43 infused with espresso, topped with frothy whipped cream, and a playful garnish of rice crisps. It’s the perfect punctuation for a truly unforgettable meal. 

Average cost per person: MXN 800 – $1500 (USD 40 – $75)

6. Ticuchi a Vegan Option from the Creators of Pujol

Ticuchi isn’t just a trendy bar restaurant; it’s a culinary revolution disguised as a dimly lit, speakeasy-esque haven. Here, Chef Enrique Olvera, a culinary luminary, reimagines Oaxaca’s vibrant flavors through a meticulously crafted, all-vegan lens.

Stepping into Ticuchi is like entering a sanctuary for the senses. Exposed brick walls, hanging greenery, and flickering candles create an intimate atmosphere, while the open kitchen allows you to witness the transformation of humble vegetables into culinary masterpieces. The scent of wood smoke and roasted vegetables ignites your appetite, promising a symphony of plant-based delights.

Olvera’s genius lies in his ability to elevate seasonal, locally sourced ingredients to new heights. Traditional Oaxacan dishes like tlayudas and tostadas are reimagined as vegan canvases, brimming with charred vegetables, melty cashew cheeses, and vibrant salsas. Each bite is a testament to Olvera’s artistry, showcasing the incredible versatility of the plant kingdom. 

Must-Try: Tamal de Esquites

For a truly unique experience, I highly recommend ordering the Tamal de Esquites. This innovative dish features a tender corn masa tamal shell cradling a savory filling of grilled corn kernels, epazote, chilies, and creamy cashew crema. It’s the perfect marriage of two beloved Mexican street food classics, elevated to new heights with Olvera’s signature plant-based flair.

Mezcal Haven

No exploration of Ticuchi is complete without venturing into their world of agave spirits. With over 100 mezcal varieties, from small-batch producers to artisanal gems, their agave experts curate a personalized journey for your palate. Whether you’re a seasoned mezcalero or a curious newcomer, their infectious passion for this spirit ensures you’ll discover your perfect pour.

Beyond the innovative cuisine and intoxicating libations, Ticuchi’s true magic lies in its atmosphere. It’s a place where time slows down, allowing you to savor each bite and sip as you’re transported to the heart of Oaxaca’s culinary heritage, reinvented for the plant-based palate.

Average Cost per Person: MXN 800-1000 (USD 40-50)

7. La Buena Barra

Step inside La Buena Barra and be greeted by a symphony of sights and sounds. The airy space boasts a modern design with warm wooden accents and pops of greenery, creating a sophisticated yet inviting ambience. The open kitchen allows you to witness the culinary artistry firsthand, while the lively buzz of conversation adds to the infectious energy.

Savor the Flavors: La Buena Barra’s menu is a celebration of fresh, high-quality ingredients, meticulously prepared to tantalize your taste buds. Start your journey with their signature guacamole, prepared tableside with chunky avocados, cilantro, and a hint of lime, perfect for scooping up with warm tortillas.

Polanco Restaurants

For seafood lovers, the tuna tostada is a must-try. Imagine tender tuna atop crispy tortillas, bathed in a vibrant avocado crema and crowned with pico de gallo for a burst of freshness. If you’re craving something richer, indulge in the succulent ribeye steak, cooked to your liking and drizzled with a smoky chipotle chimichurri. No meal at La Buena Barra is complete without their famous Dulce de Leche Fondant and its incredible!!

Youtube video with my experience at La Buena Barra

8. Rosa Negra: Where Latin America Meets Mexican Finesse

Rosa Negra offers a unique fusion of Peruvian and Mexican flavors. More than just a restaurant, it’s an immersive experience that transports you to a world of pulsating energy, vibrant decor, and delectable dishes that burst with Latin American passion.

A Culinary Tango:

Rosa Negra’s menu is a carefully curated dance between the delicate flavors of Peru and the bold spices of Mexico. Ceviches, the crown jewels of Peruvian cuisine, take center stage, each crafted with the freshest seafood and a symphony of citrusy marinades. The Clasico Rosa Negra, with its blend of tuna, scallops, shrimp, and octopus, is a must-try, while the Acevichado de Pulpo, featuring flame-grilled octopus in aji amarillo sauce, is a fiery adventure for the palate.

Photo by Rosa Negra Polanco

But Rosa Negra doesn’t stop there. Mexican influences weave their way into the menu with succulent steaks like the Tiro de Angus, grilled to perfection and bursting with juicy flavor. Tacos, a quintessential Mexican street food, get a gourmet makeover here, with fillings like grilled octopus and blackened fish adding an unexpected twist. And for those seeking a vegetarian option, the Chayote Asado with its smoky depth and creamy guacamole is a delightful exploration of Mexican plant-based cuisine.

Amazing Cocktails:

No Latin American fiesta is complete without a vibrant cocktail, and Rosa Negra’s mixologists are masters of the craft. Their extensive menu features classic margaritas with a twist, like the Tamarindo Margarita with its hint of smoky mezcal, and the Spicy Pepino, a fiery concoction that packs a punch. For those seeking something a little different, the Pisco Sour, a Peruvian classic made with egg white and lime juice, is a smooth and refreshing choice.

Average Price Range: Expect to spend around MXN $1,000-1,500 (approximately USD $50-75)

9. Colmillo Masaryk Steakhouse

Polanco Restaurants

Colmillo Masaryk is a steakhouse that takes the best of northern Mexican cuisine and elevates it to a whole new level. With a focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative dishes, Colmillo has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

One of the things that sets Colmillo apart is its unique take on tacos. Forget your typical ground beef or carnitas – here, you’ll find tacos filled with everything from melt-in-your-mouth wagyu beef to succulent grilled octopus. But the star of the show is undoubtedly the roasted cauliflower with Steak Cream sauce. This vegetarian dish is so flavorful and satisfying, you’ll swear you’re eating meat. And don’t forget to try the Short Rib – it’s cooked to perfection and is big enough to share with a friend (or, if you’re feeling extra hungry, keep all to yourself!).

Of course, no steakhouse would be complete without a great selection of drinks. Colmillo does not disappoint here either, with an extensive cocktail list that features both classic and modern concoctions. And if you’re looking for something a little lighter, they also have a great selection of beers and wines.

Colmillo Masaryk is the perfect spot for a special occasion or a casual night out with friends. With its trendy atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly service, it’s no wonder this restaurant is such a hit.

Youtube video with my experience at Colmillo

10. Prendes: A Culinary Gem Reborn in Mexico City’s Heart

Prendes’ roots stretch back to 1892, initially gracing the spot where the famed Palacio de Bellas Artes now stands. Its journey continued on Calle 16 de Septiembre, captivating the hearts and palates of Mexico’s elite with its traditional fare and vibrant atmosphere.

Walt Disney, Frida Kahlo, and countless other luminaries have graced Prendes’ tables, leaving their mark on its rich tapestry. In 2016, this culinary legend returned with renewed vigor now in Polanco, reclaiming its place in Mexico’s vibrant tapestry.

The menu at Prendes is a symphony of flavors, blending time-honored recipes with modern interpretations. The iconic Filete Prendes, a premium steak bathed in a rich pepper-wine sauce, is a must-try. Sesos a la mantequilla negra, a decadent dish of calf brains in black butter, transports you to another era.

For the adventurous palate, Prendes offers pre-Hispanic delicacies like gusanos de maguey, stir-fried with onions, garlic, and spices. And for those seeking a taste of Hidalgo’s culinary heritage, the escamoles a la hidalguense, featuring ant larvae cooked with onions and spices, is a revelation.

Average Price per person: 500 to 1000 MXN ($23 – USD 47) 

Address: Moliere, Palacio de Hierro 222, Polanco, Polanco II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 05320 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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This intimate experience is tailored for a small group, limited to just 10 people, ensuring a personalized and engaging journey through the culinary hotspot of Polanco Mexico City. To secure your spot on this top-rated tour, exclusively available on Viator.

Final Thoughts of the Best Restaurants in Polanco Mexico City

Our adventure through Polanco’s finest restaurants concludes, leaving you with one undeniable truth: indulgence doesn’t always equate to extravagance. Yes, Polanco shines as Mexico City’s upscale district, and these restaurants reflect that in both ambiance and price tag. But remember, you’re not simply paying for a meal; you’re investing in an experience.

Each dish listed here represents a meticulous marriage of artistry and flavor. From Quintonil’s edible masterpieces to the smoky symphony of meats at Cuerno Masaryk, your palate will embark on a journey unlike any other. Expect the freshest ingredients, impeccable presentation, and service that anticipates your every desire.

A word of caution, though: these culinary gems are highly sought-after. Reservations are a must unless you fancy playing roulette with waiting times.Enjoy your stay in Mexico City!!

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