Discover 11 of The Best Polanco Mexico City Hotels

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Discover 11 of The Best Polanco Mexico City Hotels

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

In this definitive guide, I’ll be taking you through 11 of the Best Polanco Mexico City hotels. From the lush bedding of five-star rooms to the exquisite on-site dining, each hotel has been selected for its standout offerings in the heart of Mexico’s most illustrious neighborhood. Get ready to discover where timeless elegance meets modern luxury with the best hotels in Polanco.

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

Introduction to Polanco Mexico City

Polanco Mexico is not just a district; it’s Mexico City’s byword for sophistication. With its tree-lined streets, high-end boutiques, and an array of cultural hotspots, Polanco is where Mexico’s elite come to play and stay. As your guide, I’ll introduce you to the essence of Polanco, helping you understand why the hotels here represent not just a place to stay, but a complete upscale experience.

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

Located in the heart of this upscale neighborhood in Mexico City, Polanco offers a multitude of attractions, restaurants, and shopping destinations. Some of the most notable places to explore in this luxurious district are:

  1. Avenida Presidente Masaryk: Known as the Mexican Rodeo Drive, it is one of the most famous streets for luxury shopping.
  2. Museo Tamayo: This world-renowned art museum showcases both contemporary and modern Mexican art.
  3. Parque Lincoln: This charming park is perfect for a relaxing afternoon amidst lush greenery and lovely sculptures.
  4. Auditorio Nacional: A famous and iconic concert hall hosting numerous international artists and cultural events.

Polanco’s gastronomy scene is just as impressive, boasting a range of exquisite fine-dining establishments and trendy eateries that reflect the district’s elegance and style.

Polanco is truly a jewel in Mexico City, combining high-end luxury and a rich cultural experience to captivate visitors from around the world.

To help you make the most of your trip, both within and outside the hotel, here’s a handy Polanco travel guide for your reference.

Polanco Mexico City
Avenida Presidente MasarykAv. Presidente Masaryk, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico CityShopping
Museo TamayoPaseo de la Reforma 51, Bosque de Chapultepec, Mexico CityArt Museum
Parque LincolnCampos Elíseos, Polanco, Mexico CityPark
Auditorio NacionalJosé Vasconcelos 23, Polanco, Mexico CityCultural Venue

As you explore all that Polanco has to offer, remember that your luxury accommodation in this neighborhood is an essential part of your overall experience. Expect nothing less than top-notch service, exquisite dining, and elegant surroundings to complement your stay in this remarkable district.

1.Experience Luxury at JW Marriott Mexico City

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

Step into the JW Marriott Mexico City, and you are greeted with impeccable service and opulent amenities that define luxury. It’s a place where the fitness center, rooftop pool, and full-service spa invite you to indulge and pamper yourself amidst the bustling cityscape. This hotel is perfect for business trips that even includes complimetary transportation to Mexico City’s Helipad just 1 mile away from the Hotel.

The hotel features 314 recently renovated, pet-friendly rooms that blends perfectly modern style and substance with a brand new lobby area that recently opened in October 2023.

Amenities and Services

JW Marriott Mexico City is a haven for luxury-seekers, offering an impressive range of Polanco luxury amenities designed to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Alongside the top-notch services, JW Marriott stands out for its commitment to excellence in every aspect.

At JW Marriott Mexico City, you can immerse yourself in an elegant atmosphere filled with refined touches and unparalleled customer service.

5-Star Hotel ServicesDescription
Full-Service SpaCleanse, refresh and rejuvenate your senses with an array of signature treatments and therapies designed to nurture your body and soul.
Rooftop PoolBask in the Mexico City sun as you take a refreshing dip in the azure rooftop pool, surrounded by a stunning cityscape view.
Fitness CenterMaintain your healthy lifestyle with a state-of-the-art gym, stocked with modern equipment and personalized fitness programs tailored to your needs.
Concierge ServicesReceive expert advice and assistance in making reservations, arranging transportation, and planning your Mexico City adventure.
Photo by JW Marriott Mexico City

Dining Options

Culinary excellence awaits at the JW Marriott, where dining options range from stylish brunches to elegant dinners. Each restaurant within the hotel promises a gastronomic journey that mirrors the diversity and finesse of Mexico City’s vibrant food scene.

  1. Xanat:This Innovative restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City, uses local, seasonal ingredients to provide a comfortable dining experience. Enjoy Mexican classics with a modern sensibility while eating al fresco on our terrace.
  2. Sendero Polanco:Discover this new culinary experience where you will embark in a journey of flavors from Mexico and Latin America by the hand of Mexican Chef Alejandra Arratia. Feel the Latin hospitality and food made with the warmest hearth.
  3. Lobby Bar: Unwind and indulge in creative cocktails and a tempting selection of bar bites in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.
  4. Tahona Mezcal Room: Get to live an intimate experience with the mystical world of mezcal. Allow your senses to taste carefully selected premium mezcals done by hand from maestros mezcaleros from all over Mexico.

Price Range: $360 up to $5000 for the Presidential Suite

2.Discover the Elegance of Camino Real Polanco

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

When visiting Mexico City, the stunning architecture of the Camino Real Polanco immediately captures your attention. This iconic hotel in Polanco is an expression of elegance and creativity that tantalizes the senses. Marvel at its art-centric interiors and experience the warm hospitality that’s become synonymous with this luxurious establishment.

Designed by esteemed Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta, the Camino Real Polanco captures the essence of sophistication, combining modern and traditional architectural styles. Unique sculptures, colorful mosaics, and manicured gardens await, creating a visually appealing atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

The elegant accommodations in Mexico City at the Camino Real Polanco boast spacious, well-appointed rooms and suites that cater to both leisure and business travelers. With comfortable furnishings and thoughtfully curated amenities, guests can unwind in style after a day spent exploring the vibrant Polanco neighborhood.

“The Camino Real Polanco is more than just a hotel – it’s a destination that provides a memorable experience, inviting guests to indulge in its understated elegance and warm hospitality.”

As a guest of the Camino Real Polanco you can indulge in a diverse range of exceptional dining options that promise an unforgettable culinary journey. From the refined Japanese cuisine at Morimoto to the authentic Mexican flavors at La Huerta, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

  1. Morimoto
  2. La Huerta
  3. Centro Castellano
  4. Beef Bar
  5. Blue Bar
Camino Real Polanco

At the Camino Real Polanco, every detail is tailored to create an extraordinary experience for guests. If you seek an elegant and iconic hotel in Polanco that seamlessly combines art, architecture, and warm hospitality, look no further. The Camino Real Polanco is the epitome of sophisticated living, offering a memorable stay in the heart of Mexico City’s most prestigious neighborhood.

Price Range: $180 to $350

3.Unwind in Style at Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Photo by Hyatt Mexico City

The Hyatt Regency Mexico City is designed to cater to the sophisticated traveler, welcoming guests with luxurious accommodations and top-tier amenities. You’ll immediately understand why this hotel is synonymous with stylish rooms in Polanco:

Rooms and Suites

Photo by Hyatt Mexico City

Featuring a seamless blend of modern design elements and classic comforts, the Hyatt Regency Mexico City’s rooms and suites provide a tranquil retreat from the urban jungle. Breathtaking views of Mexico City’s skyline create the perfect backdrop for a memorable stay, while the chic décor and plush amenities create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Choose from a wide range of luxury suites, including the romantic Presidential Suite and spacious Executive Suites.

Recreational Facilities

Photo by Hyatt Mexico City

When downtime beckons, head to the Hyatt’s state-of-the-art recreational facilities, ideally crafted to suit every preference and need. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking to maintain your routine or someone who prefers leisurely swims, the Hyatt Regency Mexico City has you covered.

  • State-of-the-art gym: Equip yourself with advanced cardiovascular equipment, weights, and other machines to stay fit while away from home.
  • Tranquil indoor pool: Indulge in a few laps or simply unwind by the water, surrounded by the beauty of the pool’s soothing ambiance.

“At the Hyatt Regency Mexico City, we strive to ensure our guests’ downtime is just as enjoyable as their time exploring Polanco and the rest of the city.”

The Hyatt Regency Mexico City is an ideal choice for travelers looking to experience the best of urban luxury. Tailored to cater to refined tastes, the hotel’s accommodations and recreational facilities offer a memorable retreat in the heart of Polanco.

Price Range: $215 to $800

4.Indulge in the Exclusive Las Alcobas Mexico City

First of All, this is one of the Top Rated Hotels in Mexico City.Las Alcobas stands as a sanctuary of exclusivity and comfort, offering a luxury stay for those looking for a truly exceptional experience. This boutique hotel, nestled among the exclusive hotels of Polanco, prides itself on attention to detail, personalized service, and rooms that exude a sense of private luxury. It is the perfect choice for travelers seeking an intimate and indulgent experience.

From the moment you enter the hotel, you can feel the ambiance of a luxurious retreat. The courteous and attentive staff ensure that every request is met with the utmost care. Each guest room is elegantly appointed, featuring plush bedding, upscale amenities, and exquisitely designed bathrooms. This attention to detail provides a sanctuary where guests can enjoy tranquility in the heart of Mexico City.

“Las Alcobas is the epitome of sophistication and exclusivity – it offers unparalleled comfort in an intimate and luxurious setting.”

During your stay, be sure to take advantage of Las Alcobas’ world-class dining options. From exquisite room service to the hotel’s refined on-site restaurant, the culinary delights are sure to satisfy even the most discerning gourmet.

For recreation and relaxation, Las Alcobas also offers a sophisticated spa, where guests can indulge in tailored treatments designed to rejuvenate body and mind. The spa’s tranquil atmosphere further enhances the exclusive experience that Las Alcobas has to offer.

  1. Intimate and luxurious guest rooms
  2. Personalized service
  3. World-class dining options
  4. Full-service spa
  5. Prime location in the heart of Polanco

Look no further than Las Alcobas Mexico City for an unparalleled luxury stay that offers the best in comfort, service, and exclusivity. This gem among exclusive hotels in Polanco will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, elevating your Mexico City experience to new heights.

Price Range $400 to $1250

5.Modern Comfort at Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco

Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco is the ideal destination for those seeking modern comfort paired with ideal accessibility. With its strategic location in the heart of Polanco, guests are within reach of the city’s top attractions, businesses, and shopping centers.

Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco

Convenient Location

As a conveniently located hotel, Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco enables its guests easy access to various landmarks and attractions. Whether you are in the city for business or leisure, you will find yourself just moments away from everything Polanco and Mexico City have to offer.

Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco is located near key attractions such as the National Museum of Anthropology, Chapultepec Castle, and the iconic Soumaya Museum, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of this vibrant city.

  1. Antara Polanco: A high-end shopping mall offering upscale boutiques and elegant dining options.
  2. Auditorio Nacional: A prominent concert and entertainment venue showcasing world-class performances.
  3. Masaryk Avenue: An emblematic street in Polanco, known for its upscale shopping, fine dining options, and vibrant nightlife.

Apart from the leisure attractions, the hotel is ideally placed for business travelers. The hotel’s position allows for quick access to corporate hubs and commercial centers, making it an excellent choice for pursuing professional goals while enjoying the convenience of a premier location.

TransportationDistance from the Hotel
Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez14.5 km (approx. 9 miles)
Metro Polanco Station1 km (approx. 0.6 miles)
Reforma Avenue2 km (approx. 1.2 miles)
Paseo de la Reforma Business Corridor4 km (approx. 2.5 miles)

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or visiting Mexico City for the first time, you can rely on Wyndham Garden Mexico City Polanco to provide a comfortable haven with unrivaled Polanco accessibility.

6.Iconic Stays at InterContinental Presidente Mexico City

The InterContinental Presidente Mexico City is one of the most iconic Polanco hotels, with a storied history and an enduring reputation for luxury accommodation in Polanco. Boasting elegant design and world-class services, this hotel caters to both leisure and business travelers looking for a memorable stay in the heart of Polanco.

As you step into the grand lobby, you are instantly immersed in the hotel’s rich history, which is reflected in its carefully curated art collection and sophisticated design elements. The InterContinental Presidente offers a variety of sumptuous rooms and suites, each meticulously designed to pamper you with the utmost comfort and luxury.

“InterContinental Presidente Mexico City is a symbol of the city’s history, hospitality, and vibrant culture.”

You can expect nothing but an unparalleled experience when it comes to amenities and services at the InterContinental Presidente. The hotel offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, serene spa, and heated outdoor pool to ensure your well-being and relaxation during your stay.

Exploring Polanco and Beyond

When you choose InterContinental Presidente Mexico City for your luxury accommodation in Polanco, you place yourself in an ideal location for exploring the best that Mexico City has to offer. The hotel is a stone’s throw away from exclusive boutiques, acclaimed restaurants, and must-see attractions.

  • Chapultepec Park
  • Museo Nacional de Antropología
  • Av. Presidente Masaryk

The InterContinental is also renowned for its fantastic dining options. The on-site restaurants offer gourmet menus with exceptional flavors to satisfy even the most discerning palate. From traditional Mexican to contemporary international cuisine, the dining experiences at this hotel are highly sought after.

Price Range: $200 to $400

7.Immerse in Vibrance at W Mexico City

Polanco Mexico City Hotels

When it comes to choosing a vibrant hotel in Polanco, W Mexico City stands out as the ultimate destination for those seeking a lively and rejuvenating experience. With its unique blend of bold design and innovative features, this hotel invites guests to dive into a world of excitement and relaxation, embracing the creative energy that defines the W brand.

Signature Spa and Wellness

At the heart of the exceptional guest experience at W Mexico City lies a commitment to wellness and wellbeing. The hotel’s signature AWAY Spa provides an oasis of tranquility amidst the urban jungle, offering a sanctuary for weary travelers to escape and recharge.

“Our spa is designed to help you unwind and make the most of your stay, offering a range of advanced treatments and therapies that cater to your every need.”

W Mexico City Spa and Wellness

Taking wellness to new heights, the hotel also boasts state-of-the-art fitness facilities, allowing guests to maintain their optimum physical health during their stay. From cardio machines to strength training equipment and even personal training services, there’s truly something for everyone looking to stay active and healthy while exploring the best of Polanco.

Wellness FacilityDescription
AWAY SpaOffers a range of advanced treatments and therapies, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, all designed to help guests recharge and rejuvenate.
FIT GymFully equipped fitness center featuring cardio machines, strength training equipment, and personal training services to cater to all fitness levels.
Polanco Mexico City Hotels

When you choose W Mexico City as your base for exploring this captivating corner of the world, not only do you immerse yourself in a vibrant hotel experience, but you’re also surrounded by opportunities to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. Whether it’s through a rejuvenating spa treatment or an invigorating workout session, W Mexico City ensures a memorable stay as you explore the wonders of Polanco.

8.Enjoy the Artistic Ambiance at Hotel Habita

Photo by Habita Polanco

One of the most uniquely artistic hotels Mexico City has to offer, Hotel Habita Polanco is not just a place to sleep but a haven for creative minds. This striking hotel is designed with modernism in mind, featuring thought-provoking art installations throughout its public spaces and rooms. As you step inside its walls, you are transported to an immersive world of artistic energy and inspiration.

Hotel Habita places a strong emphasis on providing its guests with stylish Polanco accommodations. Its contemporary rooms are thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and visually stunning environment that perfectly complements its artistic soul. The sophisticated fusion of crisp white walls, carefully curated artwork, and touches of color creates a serene atmosphere that allows guests to unwind after a busy day in Mexico City.

“Hotel Habita is a masterpiece of contemporary design that captures the creative spirit of Polanco. It’s more than a place to sleep; it’s a space for artistic souls to feel inspired and invigorated.”

While staying at Hotel Habita Polanco, guests can take advantage of its amazing location within the heart of Polanco’s thriving cultural scene. With galleries, museums, and upscale boutiques just steps away, it is the perfect base for discovering the artistic treasures of Mexico City.

The Rooms at Habita Hotel

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Hotel Habita is committed to providing top-notch guest amenities and services. Visitors can expect:

  • Attentive, personalized service
  • Luxurious and comfortable guest rooms with designer furnishings
  • Stunning rooftop pool with panoramic views of the city
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • On-site dining options serving delectable cuisine

Hotel Habita Polanco is an exceptional choice for those looking to embrace the artistic spirit of Mexico City while enjoying a chic and stylish stay within Polanco’s vibrant neighborhood. This unique hotel expertly blends contemporary design, luxurious accommodations, and an inspiring atmosphere that leaves lasting impressions on its guests.

9.The Boutique Haven: Pug Seal Anatole France

At Pug Seal Anatole France, a personalized guest experience is paramount. This boutique hotel is nestled in the heart of Polanco and offers customized service amidst its beautifully decorated rooms, ensuring that each visitor feels uniquely catered to and wholly appreciated.

Personalized Guest Experience

As a boutique hotel, Pug Seal Anatole France prides itself on delivering a memorable and personalized experience for its guests. From the moment you arrive, the dedicated staff takes note of your preferences, from room temperature and layout to your dietary needs and schedule. This level of attention to detail and personalized service sets Pug Seal Anatole France apart from other hotels in Mexico City.

Each room at Pug Seal Anatole France is thoughtfully designed with comfort in mind. Unique artwork adorns the walls, and luxury linens ensure a peaceful night’s rest. Furthermore, guests can choose from a variety of room layouts and configurations, ensuring their stay matches their tastes and preferences.

“Pug Seal Anatole France exceeded my expectations with their personalized service. The staff was attentive and genuine, and they went above and beyond to make my stay memorable. I truly felt at home during my time here.” – Recent Guest

It’s not just the rooms and service that make Pug Seal Anatole France a standout choice. The hotel also offers exclusive on-site experiences tailored to each guest, such as:

  1. Private cooking classes with a renowned local chef
  2. Curated art tours through Polanco’s renowned galleries and museums
  3. Spa treatments and wellness programs customized to individual needs
  4. Bespoke local excursions led by experienced guides

With its commitment to personalized service, luxurious accommodations, and unique experiences, Pug Seal Anatole France is undoubtedly a top choice for discerning travelers seeking a boutique hotel in Polanco, Mexico City.

10.Relax at the Sophisticated Casa Polanco Boutique Hotel

For travelers seeking elegance and functionality, Casa Polanco Boutiqut Hotel offers a sophisticated experience in Polanco. Blending a homely atmosphere with luxury rooms and suites and amazing amenities.

Photo by Casa Polanco

Conveniently located in the heart of Polanco, Casa Polanco provides easy access to a myriad of attractions like parque Lincoln right in front of the hotel and is perfect for a Stroll around the park and also for high-end dining options to make your stay both enjoyable and productive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features and amenities that make Casa Polanco stand out among other sophisticated lodging options in the area:

  1. Spacious and Modern Suites: Stylishly furnished with contemporary decor, each suite is designed to provide both comfort and luxury. High-speed Wi-Fi and luxurious bedding are just a few of the amenities that you can expect to find in every suite.
  2. On-site Fitness Center: Staying fit during your visit is a breeze, thanks to the state-of-the-art fitness center with a spectacular view of one of Mexico City’s most beautiful parks. Take a dip to relax after a long day’s work, or maintain your workout routine in the well-equipped gym.
  3. Terraces: Overlooking Lincoln Park is perfect for cocktails and small gatherings while urban life flows in the streets.
  4. The Library: The reading room is in front of the park. Great space to spend the afternoon, enjoy reading the day’s newspaper, a fine book, or have a good conversation.
SuitesModern, spacious suites with fully-stocked kitchens and high-speed Wi-Fi
Fitness CenterWell-equipped gym for keeping up with your fitness routine
LibraryPerfect Place to relax, read a book and enjoy the view of Parque Lincoln
TerracesAmazing views to have a cocktail on a sunny day in Mexico City
Personalized ServicesAttentive staff committed to meeting your every need

“Casa Polanco combines the comforts of home with the upscale services and amenities that the discerning traveler has come to expect. Its sophisticated lodging and prime location make it a top choice for those visiting Polanco.”

Casa Polanco offers a perfect blend of sophistication, luxury, and convenience wrapped up in a stylish package. It is an ideal choice for both extended stays and corporate trips, providing a comfortable haven in the heart of the prestigious Polanco.

11.The Grand Fiesta Americana Hotel: A very convenient Hotel

Now I must be honest, this hotel is techincally not in the Polanco Neighborhood but actually for only one block, this means that if you just walk one block away from the Grand Fiesta Americana you will be right into the Polanco neighborhood. Even better, this location is perfect because this hotel is also bordering the famous Avenue Paseo de la Reforma so this means that if you walk 3 blocks from the hotel you will reach this famous Avenue as well which is a must visit area when visiting Mexico City

The Grand Fiesta Americana Chapultepec in Mexico City is a splendid retreat nestled at the heart of the bustling capital. With a prime location overlooking Chapultepec Park and the iconic Castle of Chapultepec, the hotel effortlessly combines modern elegance with Mexican warmth. The rooms offer stunning views of the park or the vibrant city, boasting a contemporary design for a cozy and chic stay.

The hotel’s amenities are equally impressive, featuring a rooftop terrace with a panoramic pool and a fitness center for those seeking wellness. On-site restaurants serve up a delectable array of Mexican culinary delights, showcasing the diverse flavors of the region. The staff, always attentive, goes the extra mile to ensure a welcoming atmosphere and a memorable experience.

Here is a summary of the hotel:

  • Hotel class: 5-star hotel
  • Address: Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo 756, Anzures, Miguel Hidalgo, 11590 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
  • Description: Chic rooms in a luxe lodging with a restaurant & a bar, plus a gym, a spa & free Wi-Fi.

During my stay, I was enchanted by the perfect blend of luxury and local charm. The Grand Fiesta Americana Chapultepec is more than just a hotel; it’s a doorway to the cultural richness of Mexico City, where every moment is an exploration of history, culture, and indulgence.

Final Thoughts about the Polanco Mexico City Hotels

Polanco, Mexico City is known for its luxurious stays, with the best hotels offering unparalleled service, grandeur, and unique experiences. Each of these top Polanco accommodations showcases the essence and charm of this exclusive neighborhood, tempting travelers to immerse themselves in its grandeur.

As you plan your visit, remember that these 10 best Polanco Mexico City hotels cater to a variety of preferences, with offerings ranging from boutique havens to iconic landmarks. Rest assured, you’ll find the perfect backdrop for your Mexico City adventure, whether staying for business, pleasure, or a combination of both.

So, as you embark on your journey to Polanco, let this guide be your compass, leading you to the finest accommodations the neighborhood has to offer. Enjoy the unforgettable experience that these luxurious hotels and Mexico City itself provide. Happy travels!

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