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Mexico City is a huge place filled with history and culture, covering 573 square miles. It is home to 22 million people, making it the fifth-largest city in the world. It’s crucial to know where to stay in Mexico City to explore the heart of the city. Whether you prefer the calm of Chapultepec Park or the excitement of Polanco, your choice of stay can pave the way to unforgettable experiences.

Being a Mexico City Local, I know the city’s vibrant spots well. With places like Polanco for luxury shopping, Coyoacán for its history, or Roma and Condesa for their cool atmospheres, Mexico City has something for everyone. I’m here to help you navigate through its marvelous architecture, tasty foods, and deep cultural offerings, to find the best accommodation options in Mexico City.

Where to Stay in Mexico City: A First-Timer’s Ideal Choices

Getting around Mexico City can seem tough at first for new visitors. But picking the right area helps a lot. It gives you a homey spot to relax after sightseeing. I’ll show you some unique places to stay in Mexico City and the best vacation rentals for a great trip.

Start your trip in Roma, Condesa, or Juarez. They’re full of charm with pretty streets and a mix of old and new. Plus, they’re in the heart of the city. This means less time traveling and more time seeing the sights. They’re perfect for short trips or weekends away.

The Famous Fuente de las Cibeles in Roma Neighborhood
  • Roma: This area is a must-see for its beauty and culture. Stay at Ignacia Guest House for a special experience in the midst of art and design.
  • Condesa: Enjoy the beauty of Art Deco and relax in Parque México. Casa Decu offers a peek into local life, blending in with the neighborhood perfectly.
  • Juarez: Juarez mixes old charm with modern style, drawing in people who love culture and comfort. It’s also a great starting point for city exploration.

Staying longer than a few days? Head to Coyoacán. With its historic streets and homes, it’s a truly special place. Walk where Frida Kahlo once did. Try local markets and enjoy famous dishes like chapulines for a taste of tradition.

Picking the right neighborhood is key to a great visit. Whether you choose a tiny hotel or a big apartment, each place has its own magic. It’ll make your time in Mexico City truly unforgettable.

Discovering Polanco: A Blend of Luxury and Culture


I love exploring the world for unique cultural experiences. Polanco in Mexico City shines, blending luxury with a rich culture. It’s known for its high-end accommodations and beautiful surroundings. This makes it a top spot for those who enjoy elegance and ease.

As you stroll through Polanco’s avenues, you can’t miss its grand houses. These have marked the area since the 1930s. But, Polanco isn’t just about luxury hotels. It’s a cultural center with famous museums. Here, you can see art by greats like Picasso and Van Gogh at places like Museo Soumaya and Museo Jumex.

Polanco Mexico City
  • Museo Soumaya shines not only for its art but also for its striking design.
  • For those who love to shop, Avenida Presidente Masaryk offers a luxurious experience, filled with top designer brands.

Polanco’s dining scene is full of surprises, showcasing Mexican cuisine in creative ways. Places like Dulce Patria and Quintonil are must-visits. They not only offer great food but also reflect Polanco’s lux life. This area is known for serving luxury not only in hotels but also in restaurants.

  1. The Hyatt Regency and JW Marriott in Polanco define luxury in Mexico City. They offer exceptional service and beautifully designed rooms. Plus, they’re close to the area’s attractions.
  2. Guests at these hotels enjoy everything from spa treatments to fine dining. This helps make them stand out among Mexico City’s top hotels.

Living in Polanco can be expensive because of its high-end lifestyle. But, it’s perfect for those who want luxury and easy access to cultural places. It truly stands out in Mexico City for a unique experience.

If luxury, culture, and a central spot are what you look for in a visit to Mexico City, consider Polanco. This area offers top-notch options in dining, shopping, and cultural sights. A stay here promises luxury and delight for any visitor.

Experiencing Roma’s Eclectic Charm

Wandering around La Roma, I see why it’s Mexico City’s cultural hub. It blends old-world charm with modern style. You can find boutique hotels in Mexico City as well as lively hostels in Mexico City, meeting the needs of all kinds of travelers.

Roma is known for its designer shops, unique art, and tasty food. Places like the Plaza Río de Janeiro and local bars highlight its bohemian spirit. Nighttime is just as exciting as the day here.

  • Accommodations: Roma’s places to stay are full of character. For example, La Valise has beds that can be moved to balconies for stargazing. Ignacia Guest House is a mix of historic charm and modern comfort.
  • Cuisine: Food options in Roma are diverse, ranging from local dishes to global flavors. Everyone can find something they like.
  • Culture: Roma caters to art and history lovers with its galleries and historic spots. They share stories of a vibrant past and present.
roma mexico city

Roma is gaining in popularity, but this has led to higher prices and some changes. Yet, it’s still a top spot for people seeking a place filled with creativity and energy.

Roma’s unique mix of the old and the new captivates visitors. Whether it’s the exclusive Nima Local House Hotel or more budget-friendly hostels in Mexico City, there’s an invitation for everyone to enjoy its eclectic atmosphere up close.

Condesa: The Artistic Heart of Mexico City

La Condesa is an enchanting neighborhood, celebrated as a unique place to stay in Mexico City. Its streets are adorned with stunning Art Deco and Art Nouveau buildings. These reflect a rich artistic history from the 20th century.

The area is filled with lush, green avenues and vibrant parks. Parque Mexico and Parque España are perfect for relaxing walks and picnics.

La Condesa has numerous dining and nightlife spots. Places like Quentin Cafe are great for morning coffee. Iconic taco spots like El Tizoncito serve up some of the city’s best flavors.

For a cultural fix, the neighborhood is a must-see. It offers galleries and cultural venues, showcasing its love for the arts.

  • Artistic Lodgings: Casa Luciana Condesa and Casa Malí by Dominion are perfect for travelers who love art. These vacation rentals in Mexico City offer unique insight into the area’s creative spirit.
  • Culinary Delights: El Tizoncito and more cater to a variety of tastes. They bring authentic Mexican and international cuisines to your table.
  • Luxurious Touch: Andaz Mexico City Condesa defines luxury in the neighborhood. Its rooftop pool offers stunning views of the city.

Some might see Condesa as fancy or a little high-maintenance. But it’s truly one of Mexico City’s vibrant and culturally rich spots. Its beauty lies in its historic buildings, cool cafes, and serene parks.

Condesa is more than a pretty place. It’s full of life and tradition. Whether you come for the art, food, or green spaces, La Condesa is an unforgettable spot, especially for first-time visitors to Mexico City.

The Historic Juarez: A Mix of Tradition and Modernity

Juarez, in Mexico City, is a perfect blend of old and new. It’s known for being a place where you can find affordable places to stay without missing out on the city’s rich culture. The neighborhood is filled with historic cantinas and modern art spaces. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a genuine stay that doesn’t cost too much.

Juarez in Mexico City pulsates with a unique energy. Wander past grand 19th-century mansions that share streets with buzzing art-deco buildings and trendy eateries. Mingle with a diverse crowd – young professionals, punks, and a thriving Korean community all call Juarez home. For a night out, Zona Rosa beckons with electrifying nightlife for the LGBTQ+ Community, while quieter cafes offer a respite for a leisurely afternoon. Juarez is a foodie paradise, with everything from international flavors to local favorites waiting to be savored.

  • Historic cantinas that echo the stories of the past
  • Modern cafes and boutiques that cater to a hip crowd
  • An array of dining options that are both affordable and diverse
Hanky Panky

Also some of the Best Bars in the World are located here like Hanky Panky and Handshake Speakeasy.Juarez may not have all the fancy perks of Polanco or Condesa. But, it doesn’t fall short when it comes to culture and practicality. Its budget-friendly nature offers value beyond luxurious amenities.

The Vibrance of Escandon: Mexico City’s Hidden Gem (Affordable and Close to Condesa and Roma)

During my year in Mexico City, I’ve explored many neighborhoods, such as Escandon. Located between Condesa and Roma, Escandon is both charming and affordable. It’s a great choice for those searching for budget-friendly places to stay in Mexico City.

Where to Stay in Mexico City

Escandon might not be as famous as its neighbors, but it has its own charm. It has an everyday life feel with traditional markets and local cafes. For an immersive travel experience that’s also budget-friendly, hostels in Mexico City in Escandon are a great choice.

  • Proximity to Major Attractions: Living here means you’re close to Roma and Condesa. This means easy access to top spots while you save money on accommodation.
  • Authentic Local Experience: Escandon offers a real local feel, perfect for mingling with locals and finding hidden gems.
  • Affordability: Known for hostels in Mexico City, Escandon is very affordable, great for budget travelers or those staying long-term.

On the other hand, if you like being close to tourist spots, Escandon might seem too quiet. But, for those wanting to explore Mexico City as locals do, Escandon is perfect. Every street tells a story, making your visit deeper and more cultural.

Choosing Escandon means more than just finding a place to rest. It’s about becoming a part of Mexico City life, all while staying on budget.

Coyoacan: Where History and Coziness Meet

Where to Stay in Mexico City

Exploring southern Mexico City, Coyoacan is a highlight. It stands out as unique places to stay in Mexico City, blending history and neighborhood warmth. The area’s cobblestone streets and colonial homes create a peaceful escape, perfect for culture lovers and those wanting to relax.Now this is located on the southern part of Mexico City and a little bit over 30 to 40 minutes away from other famous neighoborhoods like Roma, Condesa or Polanco but its considered by locals as one of the most Iconic and Historic neighborhoods in Mexico City.

In Coyoacan, I visited La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo’s former home turned museum. This, along with lodgings such as Mansión de Papilio and Casa Tamayo, mixed luxury with local life. Coyoacan’s blend of history and comfort made my trip unforgettable.

  • Outdoor Seating and Laptop-Friendly Spaces: The local accommodations cater perfectly to both leisure and business needs.
  • Culinary Delights: With exquisite locations such as Corazon de Maguey and Los Danzantes, the culinary experience in Coyoacan is rich and inviting.

But, being in Coyoacan means longer trips to Mexico City’s heart. This might affect those with packed schedules, seeking unique places to stay in Mexico City. Still, the neighborhood’s culture and calm are attractive reasons to stay. Coyoacan’s mix of history and comfort is truly special, hard to find anywhere else.

Coyoacan caters well to families, with policies for young children. It’s a top pick for family travelers looking for unique places to stay in Mexico City. The area boasts both historical treasures and modern comforts, meeting every guest’s needs.

To sum up, Coyoacan’s distance from the city center might make trips longer. Yet, its unique charm and cozy stays offer an enriching Mexican experience. It’s a stand-out in Mexico City’s lively scene.

Del Valle: Residential Calm within the Bustle

Looking for a peaceful place in Mexico City? Del Valle is a top pick. It’s calm yet at the heart of the action. With quiet streets and a central vibe, it’s perfect for those wanting a break from the city with all city benefits. This is where most of the Middle Class in all Mexico Live.

Del Valle is unique. It mixes city life with a community feel. Condos here are top-notch, loved for their coziness, service, and location. One big reason I recommend Del Valle is its location. It’s ideal for both fun and work. You’ll live like a local here, enjoying real cafes, markets, and parks. This way, you experience true Mexico City.

The World Trade Center is located in Del Valle Neighborhood

But, being away from the city’s heart doesn’t mean being cut off. Del Valle is well-connected. It’s close to major roads for easy trips to great places like Coyoacán. And getting to Polanco is a breeze, too.

Del Valle’s accommodations also stand out with great facilities. These places offer everything from fast internet to beautiful gardens. They ensure a comfortable and convenient stay every time.

So, if you’re heading to Mexico City, consider Del Valle. It’s a peaceful area in the city’s midst, with the best living options. You’ll find quiet and convenience together here.

Why I Don’t Recommend Staying in Centro Historico

When looking at where to stay in Mexico City, Centro Historico is a top choice for its history and culture. But, I found that it might not be the best for everyone, especially those coming from the USA, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

At first, Centro seems great for its low prices. It was much cheaper than places in Roma or Condesa. But, there were problems with staying there for a long time.

Here are some issues you may face:

  • The area is very busy, with lots of cars and shops. This makes it less relaxing for tourists who want a quiet time.
  • Getting an Uber can be quite a hassle because some of the streets where hotels are located are closed so you have to walk a bit to get to your Uber Driver.
  • There are many places to eat, but it’s often noisy and crowded. This can affect your enjoyment of the area.
  • Staying safe can be a worry. Despite having beautiful places nearby, you must be very alert, especially at night. Crime rates are higher here than in modern areas of the city.

The city’s main sights are walkable from Centro Historico. But, going to other parts takes longer. This is tough for new visitors trying to find their way around.

To sum up, Centro Historico is good for its rich history and low prices. But, safety issues, noise, and its busy vibe might not suit everyone. Areas like Roma and Condesa offer a better mix of living history and a peaceful setting. They might be more enjoyable for visitors from far away or for those staying longer than a few days.

Luxury Hotel and Accommodations in Mexico City

Ritz Carlton Mexico City
The Ritz Carlton Mexico City

Exploring Mexico City, you’ll find a wide range of luxury places to stay. These options range from big, impressive buildings to small, charming hotels. No matter your style, you’ll find something perfect.

Luxury accommodations in Mexico City offer more than a bed. The St. Regis Mexico City is a prime example. It stands tall in the city center, offering luxury and amazing views. From my room on the 31st floor, the scene below was breathtaking. Also the newest Luxury Hotel in Mexico City, The Ritz Carlton Mexico City offers some of the best Rooms and Suites with the most spectacular views in all Mexico City. Highly Recommended these 2 luxury hotels.

But if you prefer something small and exclusive, Casa Polanco is ideal. It has only 19 rooms, all styled elegantly. And La Valise, known for its romantic feel, now has eight beautiful suites to choose from.

Looking for something modern? Sofitel Mexico City Reforma impresses with its 275 rooms. My favorite part is their large bathtub on their suites. Taking a bath with a view of the city was unforgettable.

  • The service in all locations is top-notch.
  • The Four Seasons Hotel is where Most Celebrities Stay during their Mexico City visit.
  • Places like Kimpton Virgilio combine old and new for a unique feel.
  • Don’t miss The Spa at Sofitel on the 39th floor for great health and wellness.

Whether you’re spending $150 a night or more, luxury accommodations in Mexico City abound. They showcase the city’s diverse culture. You can choose from grand hotels or intimate boutiques, each promising a special stay.

Budget Friendly Hotel Options for your Mexico City Stay

In Mexico City, you can find many wallet-friendly places to stay. These offer comfort and value. The city’s lodging varies widely, with many affordable hotels in great spots.

  • Hotel Marlowe and Hotel Catedral offer rooms at $77 and $96 a night. They put you near historic sites and lively scenes.
  • The Stanza Hotel in Roma might be your pick. It costs $61 a night and is in a great area for street art and craft beer.
  • El Patio 77 combines sustainability and good prices, starting at $98 a night. It offers a special eco-friendly bed & breakfast experience.

It’s smart to book your stay at least 60 days ahead. This often yields the best prices. Picking a place near a metro station can make getting around easier. Also think about the Hotel Gillow and Residencia Polanco. They start at $64 and $65 a night, balancing cost, comfort, and convenience.

For those watching their budget, there are many options in Mexico City. You can enjoy the city’s culture and energy without spending a lot. Whether it’s for work or fun, these affordable hotels offer a comfy and wallet-friendly visit.

Recommended Tours in Mexico City

Unveiling Mexico City’s magic is effortless with unforgettable tours from Viator, the leading name in travel experiences. Explore ancient Teotihuacan pyramids, delve into the Canals of Xochimilco with a Fabulous Boat Ride, or enjoy a Fun Night at a Lucha Libre Match – these curated adventures unlock the city’s cultural gems. Book with Viator for a hassle-free and enriching Mexico City visit.

Final Thoughts of Where to Stay in Mexico City

where to stay in Mexico City

Mexico City, with over 22 million people, is like a masterpiece that welcomes all hearts. Choosing a place to stay here means diving into what you love. If luxury calls you, look no further than Polanco. It’s where the top hotels stand next to restaurants and shops that define elegance. Don’t miss the chance to see art in museums that are among the best in the world.

If culture is your interest, Coyoacán might catch your eye. Its streets whisper stories from long ago, especially around Frida Kahlo’s historic home. Or explore Roma’s beauty, known for its French-inspired buildings, or La Condesa’s lively night scene. A stay here mixes history with modern comforts for a truly memorable visit.

When deciding on a spot, think about the vibe as much as the sights. Santa Fe brings a breath of fresh air while Centro Histórico is alive with history. Your choice should match what you dream of in your travels. With so much to see and do, Mexico City offers endless chances to be amazed. Keep in mind, every corner here tells a story in a city bursting with culture and life.

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