The Famous Roma Mexico City Neighborhood Ultimate Guide

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The Famous Colonia Roma Mexico City Ultimate Guide

In this ultimate guide to Roma Mexico City, I will take you on a journey through this neighborhood, uncovering its hidden gems, and revealing the best places to eat, shop, and explore. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a foodie or simply a traveler or digital nomad looking to soak up the local culture, Roma won’t disappoint.

Known for its bohemian atmosphere and artistic spirit, Roma has become a hub for creative individuals, designers, and artists. You’ll find an abundance of galleries, boutiques, and independent stores showcasing unique pieces that reflect the neighborhood’s creative soul.

For food lovers, Roma Mexico City offers a diverse culinary scene that caters to every palate. From traditional Mexican street food to innovative fusion cuisine, there are countless restaurants and eateries that will delight your taste buds. Whether you’re craving tacos al pastor from a street vendor or want to indulge in gourmet Mexican cuisine at a trendy restaurant, Roma has it all. So let’s Dive In!!

Embracing the Charm of Roma Mexico City

The Famous fuente de los Cibeles in Roma Mexico City

Located within the dynamic Cuauhtémoc District, Roma serves as a cultural mosaic comprised of Roma Norte, Roma Sur, and the quaint La Romita, with each sector showcasing its unique energy and charm. As one of the trendiest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Mexico City, Roma is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an authentic and enriching travel experience.

Galleries and cultural venues are scattered generously throughout, inspiring locals and visitors alike to revel in an unhurried exploration of Roma’s artistic corridors. The understated elegance of its parks invites a serene reprieve from the urban bustle, exemplifying some of the best Roma Mexico City sightseeing opportunities.

  • Plaza Río de Janeiro, with its striking replica of Michelangelo’s David, serves as a testament to Roma’s affinity for European finesse.
  • The Fuente de Cibeles, an emblematic fountain, solidifies Roma’s status as a neighborhood boasting iconic public spaces primed for relaxation and people-watching.

Exploring Roma Mexico City’s Vibrant Culinary Scene

El Cardenal Mexico City

La colonia Roma boasts an array of incredible dining options catering to various palates and tastes, including one of the world’s best restaurants led by the Best Chef in the World, as recognized by the 50 Best Restaurants. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to outstanding bakeries and, of course, tantalizing taco joints. Here are some of the must-try dining options and culinary experiences you shouldn’t miss in Roma.

Panderia Rosetta: A Paradigm of Roma’s Baked Delicacies

My journey begins with the irresistible aromas wafting from Panderia Rosetta, a bakery that’s become a cherished staple for both locals and travelers alike. With their famous guava rolls and fluffy conchas, this bakery encapsulates the sweet essence of Roma’s baked goods.

Maximo Bistrot – One of the Best Restaurants in Latin America

Roma Mexico City
Photo by Máximo Bistrot

For a taste of culinary refinement, head over to Maximo Bistrot, an eatery where the cuisine earns its distinction as one of Latin America’s best according to the 50 Best Annual Ranking. The chefs’ dedication to quality and innovation comes through in every dish, making it a must-visit for any gourmand. This is a French-Mexican Fusion Cuisine that excels in Food quality.

Lalo! — Where Brunch Meets Innovation

When it’s time for brunch, there’s no place quite like Lalo! The casual yet inventive menu brims with dishes that redefine the brunch scene, blending classic offerings like Chilaquiles and French Toastwith a touch of modern inspiration.Many Locals and visitors consider this to be one of the Best Brunch in Mexico City

The Seafood Sensation at Contramar

Roma Mexico City

Seafood aficionados will rejoice at the offerings of Contramar, renowned for its vibrant dishes like the zesty shrimp aguachile and the delectably sweet meringue strawberry dessert. A meal here is a dive into the freshest flavors from the sea, right in the heart of Roma. Fun fact, Contramar is also a favorite of pop star Dua Lipa! She’s been spotted there twice while visiting Mexico City.

Rosetta: A new best restaurant in the World in 2024 from Roma Mexico City

Lastly, visit the celebrated Rosetta, which not only tantalizes the palate with authentic Italian cuisine that competes with its homeland flavors but also uses elements of Mexican cuisine that charms with its enchanting ambiance. It’s a dining experience that truly captivates and transports you.

Also Chef Elena Reygadas from Rosetta was named the Best Chef in the world by the 50 Best Restaurants in 2023.

Whether you’re seeking to indulge in the sensational dining options in Roma Mexico City or eager to sample the local cuisine, the culinary scene here promises an unforgettable exploration of flavors and cultures intertwined within the storied streets of Roma.

Taqueria Orinoco: The Most Popular Tacos in Mexico City located in Roma

Roma Mexico City

Taqueria Orinoco is considered one of the most popular tacos in Mexico City, known for its flavorful fillings and variety of taco options. From classic carne asada to succulent al pastor (they call it Trompo here), the menu offers something for every taco lover. Be sure to try their signature taco: The Chicharron Taco which is technically a Pork Belly Taco that tastes incredible.Paired with 4 homemade salsas and freshly made tortillas, the tacos here are a true delight. You can watch my full review of Taqueria Orinoco Here

The Best Churros in Town: Churreria el Moro

Churrería El Moro is a traditional churrería located in Roma Norte, Mexico City. It is known for its delicious and authentic churros, made with fresh ingredients and cooked to order. The original El Moro was founded in 1935 and has since become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. Some locals consider this to be the Best Churros offered in Mexico City.

Accommodations in Roma Mexico City: From Boutique Hotels to Modern Apartments

As someone who’s frequently on the lookout for unique places to stay, I’ve discovered that Roma Mexico City encapsulates everything from the quaint boutique hotels to sleek, modern apartments. This neighborhood is where traditional charm meets contemporary luxury, offering accommodations that provide an immersive experience into the vibrant culture of this historic district.

In my quest for the perfect place to stay, I’ve come across several establishments that encapsulate the essence of Roma. Among them are La Valise, an exquisite hotel that boasts a stunning rooftop terrace suite, Hotel Condesa DF, which seamlessly blends Mexican heritage with modern design, and ONTO Tonalá—a novel concept of stylish suites offering the comfort of home in the heart of the city.

La Valise Mexico City

Truly a jewel within Roma Norte, La Valise offers a one-of-a-kind luxury that’s hard to replicate. The crowning glory is undoubtedly their terrace suite which opens up to the sky, allowing guests to sleep under the stars—an unimaginable delight in an urban setting. It’s the kind of Roma Mexico City travel tip I’m eager to share because it transforms a simple stay into a memorable affair.

La Valise Mexico City Suites

Each suite is uniquely decorated, blending contemporary elegance with vintage touches. Think plush bedding, smooth white sheets, and soothing tones, with some suites even featuring claw-foot baths and private balconies. For the ultimate indulgence, book the Rooftop Suite and wake up to breathtaking city views from your private rooftop terrace, complete with a sun-lounger and outdoor tub.

General Rating


This hotel is actually the top rated hotel in all the Colonia Roma Mexico city Neighborhood. In both Google business and Trip Advisor the rating for La Valise Mexico City stays the same at 4.9

BRICK HOTEL – A luxury Boutique hotel

​The Brick Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel nestled in the heart of Roma, Mexico City. This historic building combines old-world charm with modern elegance, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

History and Architecture: The hotel is housed in a stunning early 20th-century building, originally built with English bricks for the manager of the Bank of London & Mexico. It later belonged to a Mexican president and was a popular hangout for the rich and famous in the 1930s. Today, it blends its Belle Époque charm with contemporary luxury, creating a unique and stylish atmosphere

Rooms and Suites: The hotel’s 39 rooms and suites are beautifully designed with parquet floors, smooth white sheets, and soothing tones, offering a haven of relaxation after a day exploring the city. Some suites even feature claw-foot baths and private balconies, while the Rooftop Suite boasts stunning views and its own sun-lounger and outdoor tub.

Rooftop: The hotel’s rooftop terrace is a must-visit for its incredible views of the city skyline, especially at sunset. There’s also a swimming pool, a bar, and plenty of loungers for soaking up the sun.

General Rating


This hotel offers the best location for a Boutique hotel in the Colonia Roma Mexico City Neighborhood

Hotel Condesa DF

Hotel Condesa DF is a place that understands the fusion between historical allure and modern comfort. Here, design-forward aesthetics create a sanctuary of rooms that not only respect but also celebrate Mexican artistry. It is an excellent choice for Hotels in Roma Mexico City

Here are some highlights of Condesa DF hotel:

  • Design: The hotel is housed in a beautifully restored 1928 French neoclassical building, and the interiors are designed by the renowned Parisian designer India Mahdavi. The design is a blend of contemporary and traditional, with lots of floral touches and calming tones.
  • Location: The hotel is located in the heart of Condesa, one of Mexico City’s most vibrant and trendy neighborhoods. It’s close to Parque España, Parque Lincoln, and a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars.
  • Rooms: The hotel’s 40 rooms and suites are tranquil spaces with natural woods, retro lamps, and traditional Oaxacan rugs. Some rooms also have wooden terraces that open out to the treetops.
  • Rooftop: The hotel has a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool, a bar, and stunning views of the city.
  • Restaurant: The hotel’s restaurant, Patio, serves seasonal Mexican cuisine in a beautiful setting.

General Rating


This hotel is actually owned by The Marriott Bonvoy Group and is an excellent option because of its location right between the Border of Roma and La Condesa Neighborhoods

ONTO Tonalá a brand new Suites Concept in Roma Mexico City

Newcomer ONTO Tonalá has made quite the impression with its sophisticated and stylish accommodation options. These modern suites cater to travelers who prefer a more residential feel to their lodgings while still enjoying all the amenities of a high-end hotel. These suites are definitely a must-mention when doling out Roma Mexico City travel tips.

For those planning to journey through this neighborhood, each of these hotels presents a distinct flavor and experience of Roma. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re seeking a romantic escape at a boutique hotel or a longer, more homely stay in a plush apartment. Dive into the essence of Roma Mexico City’s accommodations and find the perfect base for your adventures in this ever-enchanting locale.

General Rating


This is the newest hotel in the Roma Neighborhood offering a very unique concept for short and long term stays in Mexico City and has received incredible comments and reviews in quite a short period of time from guests.

Historic Landmarks and Architecture in Roma Mexico City

As I meander through the quaint streets of Roma, the palpable pulse of modernity harmoniously blends with echoes from the past. It’s in the architecture of every corner, revealing stories etched in stone and mortar. Roma Mexico City sightseeing offers a rich tapestry of history, art, and culture—a true feast for the senses.

One cannot speak of the architectural wealth of Roma without highlighting the timeless elegance of historical landmarks. Among these, the Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa stands as a sentinel of history, its walls a sacred repository of Mexican art and literature. This storied mansion, much like an open book, narrates a tale of heritage and splendor through its traditional architecture and pristine gardens, which I find myself strolling through in quiet wonder.

Discovering the Timeless Beauty of Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa

Roma Mexico City

Encapsulating the charm of Roma’s yesteryears, Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa invites fellow travelers to delve into the colonial period. With every step on its storied grounds, I discover a world where classic art forms and literary genius are preserved, providing a beautiful contrast to the area’s modern vibrancy.The Good part is that the entrance is Free and opens Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm

Roma Mexico City: A Journey Through Time and Culture

Roma Mexico City
Photo by of the Famous Casa de las Brujas Building

The Roma Mexico City neighborhood, once the epitome of upscale living, has now transformed into an enclave for hipsters and culture-seekers from around the globe. With its rich tapestry woven from the heyday of Mexican aristocracy to the rise of contemporary art spaces, Roma Mexico City stands as a microcosm of urban evolution.

The Evolution of a Neighborhood: From Upscale Beginnings to Hipster Enclave

Tracing the transformation of Roma Mexico City is like watching the city breathe through the decades. Born as a district of grand Parisian-style mansions, it catered to Mexico City’s elite with its manicured parks and avenues.

Yet, as time progressed, it weathered years of change—some streets fell into neglect, only to rise again, reborn as magnets for artists, restaurateurs, and innovators seeking inspiration within its storied walls. Today, Roma is teeming with some of the best attractions in Roma Mexico City, swarming with creatives who find solace and stimulation among the gritty elegance of its streets.

Roma in Popular Culture: The Cinematic Connection

The Famous House featured in the Movie Roma

Roma’s allure surged globally through Alfonso Cuarón’s cinematic masterpiece bearing the same name—a film that showcased the delicate complexities of life within this very neighborhood. This nod to Roma’s quintessence propelled it onto the world stage, casting a spotlight on its eclectic mix of old-world charm and indie-chic personality. It is a locality steeped in cinematic fame, brimming with captivating Roma Mexico City points of interest that continue to enchant film aficionados and everyday adventurers alike.

Arts and Culture: A Snapshot of Roma Mexico City’s Creative Side

The artistic vibrancy In la colonia Roma bridges the gap between history and modern creativity, offering far more than just a visual spectacle—it presents an intimate dialogue through its expressive venues and the narratives they house. This cultural immersion is a must for any comprehensive Roma Mexico City travel guide.

Galería Mascota & Emerging Talent

This space, brimming with contemporary art, becomes an altar to innovation and a platform for emerging talents around the globe. It’s not just an art gallery; it’s a place where fresh ideas and unexpected perspectives challenge conventional art norms, urging visitors to engage in a dialogue that transcends the canvas. For more info about Galeria Mascote this is their website:

A Deep Dive into MODO’s Quirky Exhibits

The Museo Objeto del Objeto (MODO) complements the artistic narrative of Roma with its quirky exhibits. This isn’t your ordinary museum. Each visit presents a new realm to explore, with exhibits that oscillate between celebrating whimsical design to making profound statements on societal norms. Here, in the heart of Roma, MODO anchors the ever-evolving tapestry of Mexico City’s history and creativity—a living mosaic that endlessly captivates the mind and spirit.

Nightlife and Entertainment: The Pulse of Roma Mexico City

As twilight embraces Roma Mexico City, the cobblestone streets come alive, revealing a vibrant tapestry of nocturnal delights. The air is electric—saturated with the rhythm of dynamic beats and a nocturnal energy that beckons both wanderers and locals to revel in Roma Mexico City’s nightlife and entertainment. No journey through this spirited neighborhood is complete without immersing oneself in the iconic after-dark venues that define the essence of Roma.

Licoreria Limantour – One of the Best Bars in the World


In the heart of this bustling scene stands Licoreria Limantour. This famed establishment isn’t just a local staple; it’s a pillar in the world’s bar community, celebrated for its innovative cocktails and electric ambiance. Limantour has been awarded in 2024 as the 7th best Bar in the World and has been in this list since 2014.The alchemy behind the bar at Limantour evokes a sense of wonder as mixologists conjure up exquisite libations that capture both essence and imagination.

Dancing the Night Away at Mama Rumba Roma

For those who hear the irresistible call of salsa music, Mama Rumba stands as a luminary of rhythm. With its authentic Latin vibe and floors that invite uninhibited dancing, this venue promises a night where you can lose yourself in the music and discover the communal joy that comes from a shared dance.

Departamento: From Daytime Eats to Nighttime Beats

Photo by Local MX of Departamento Nightclub

Transcending the daylight boundaries, Departamento offers a seamless transition from a cozy lunch spot to a pulsating hub for nocturnal exploits. As the sun sets, tables are swept away to make room for a space that buzzes with the eclectic sounds of alternative music and the collective heartbeat of a place alive with possibility.

SUPRA Rooftop

Perched high above the Roma hustle is SUPRA Rooftop—a euphoric escape that caters to the starry-eyed dreamers and night-owl ravers alike. It is here, under the canopy of the cosmos, that one can sip on a cocktail while being serenaded by a panoramic view of the city lights and the orchestrated hum of late-night revelry

Try some Roma Mexico City Famous Food and Walking Tours

Here are some of my favorite Food tours and top rated experiences in la Roma Neighborhood for you to try during your Mexico City trip from Waslking Tours to learn more about Roma Neighborhood to some Mouthwatering Tacos these are my recommended Tours that you can book through the Viator Platform which is the most reliable Tour Operator booking site in Mexico City.

Recent Gentrification Issues to consider when staying long-term in Roma

Viral Photo on Social Media in Roma Mexico City

Foreigners visiting Mexico City should not ignore the complex phenomenon of gentrification that’s redefining the neighborhood. The area’s transformation into a trendy hotspot has attracted an influx of digital nomads and expatriates, drawn by the Roma Mexico City points of interest and the vibrant urban lifestyle. Yet, it’s essential to recognize that this popularity comes at a cost. While gentrification in Roma Mexico City has contributed to the emergence of new businesses, art spaces, and improved infrastructure, it has also led to rising property values and living costs, potentially marginalizing long-term residents and altering the character of the community.

The implications of these changes are particularly significant for digital nomads considering Roma as a base. Before settling into the neighborhood, it’s vital to understand the role you play in this dynamic. Being part of the locale means contributing to its economy, but it equally involves respecting and preserving the local culture. Engaging with established community businesses, attending neighborhood events, and supporting local artisans are ways to connect with the heart of Roma beyond its facade of hip cafes and co-working spaces.

Useful tips if you are a digital nomad considering Roma as a long Term Stay to ease the Gentrification Issues

  1. Research housing options that support local real estate rather than contributing to overdevelopment.
  2. Frequent neighborhood markets and eateries to keep the traditional Roma culinary scene alive.
  3. Participate in community initiatives that aim to protect the cultural heritage and inclusivity of the area.
  4. Seek local hosts committed to sustainable practices and fair rent increases
  5. Embrace neighborhood markets over chain supermarkets, supporting local businesses and injecting your spending into the community’s veins.
  6. Respect local noise levels and party etiquette, remembering Roma is not just your vacation playground, but their cherished home.
  7. Learn basic Spanish – “buenos días” goes a long way – and engage in friendly conversation with your neighbors

Final Thoughts on Roma Mexico City

Roma Mexico City

Overall, Roma is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Mexico City. Whether you’re a foodie, an art enthusiast, or simply looking to explore a vibrant neighborhood, Roma has something for everyone. So make sure to include Roma in your travel guide to Mexico City and get ready to experience the best that this captivating neighborhood has to offer.

Just please consider the gentrification issues I highlighted earlier when contemplating a long-term stay in Roma, Mexico City. Trust me, this is a complex matter, but by following the recommendations outlined in the preceding section, you can contribute to easing this intricate situation and supporting the local community


Q: What are some of the best attractions in Roma Mexico City?

A: Roma Mexico City offers a mix of historical sites, museums, and public spaces. Must-visit places include Plaza Río de Janeiro, Fuente de Cibeles, Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, and Galería OMR.

Q: Can you recommend some dining options in Roma Mexico City?

A: For baked goods, Panderia Rosetta is delightful. For fine dining, Maximo Bistrot and Rosetta are standout choices. Lalo! offers innovative brunch options, and Contramar is the go-to place for seafood lovers.

Q: Where should I consider staying in Roma Mexico City?

A: Roma boasts a range of accommodations from boutique to modern apartments. Notable mentions include La Valise Mexico City, Hotel Condesa DF, and the new ONTO Tonalá suites concept in Roma.

Q: What historic landmarks and architecture should I not miss in Roma Mexico City?

A: The timeless beauty of Casa Guillermo Tovar de Teresa is a highlight, revealing a glimpse into Mexico’s historical architecture and art. The neighborhood is also scattered with art nouveau and art deco mansions.

Q: How has the Roma Mexico City neighborhood evolved over time?

A: Roma Mexico City has transformed from a prestigious colony for the elite to a trendy district full of hipster cafés, artsy galleries, and a vivacious nightlife, partly thanks to its portrayal in Alfonso Cuarón’s film “Roma.”

Q: Can you tell me about the arts and culture scene in Roma Mexico City?

A: The arts and culture scene in Roma is vibrant, with galleries like Galería Mascota showcasing emerging talent and Museo Objeto del Objeto (MODO) featuring quirky, thought-provoking exhibits.

Q: What nightlife options does Roma Mexico City offer?

A: Roma Mexico City is known for its dynamic nightlife with options like Licoreria Limantour for expertly crafted cocktails, Mama Rumba for salsa dancing, and Departamento that transitions from a daytime café to a nightclub. SUPRA Rooftop also offers stunning views and events.

Q: What should a digital nomad know about the gentrification issues in Roma Mexico City?

A: Digital nomads should be aware that the gentrification in Roma has brought a creative and dining scene at the cost of potential displacement of locals and changes to the cultural fabric. This dynamic should be considered when choosing to stay in Roma.

Q: Do you have any travel tips for navigating Roma Mexico City as a local?

A: To experience Roma like a local, frequent neighborhood stores such as Casa Bosques for unique finds, blend into the community atmosphere near Plaza Luis Cabrera, and enjoy both the vibrant street life and the tranquil rooftop views.

Q: Where can I find the best taco options in Roma Mexico City?

A: For an authentic taste of local street food, don’t miss the amazing tacos at Tacos Cariñito and Taqueria Orinoco, known for their delicious flavors that resonate well with both locals and visitors.

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