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Mexico City’s vibrant Polanquito neighborhood has a new gem: Kimpton Virgilio. This boutique hotel, opened in February 2024, promises a unique and personalized stay. Guests can expect modern, locally-inspired cuisine, stylish accommodations, and a social atmosphere. The inviting lobby opens to a playful courtyard, its 48 Rooms offer an ultimate luxury stay while a rooftop bar with a pool offers stunning city views.

Whether you’re seeking a trendy tapas restaurant, a luxury room or a place to unwind by the pool, Kimpton Virgilio caters to the discerning traveler . Trust me, this is just the first glimpse into an unforgettable stay. This article offers the ultimate review of my experience staying at Kimpton Virgilio!

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Price Range: $250 – $550

Discover the Heart of Polanquito

Kimpton Virgilio

In the trendy Polanco area, Kimpton Virgilio fits right in. It’s in a place often called the Tribeca of Mexico City. The area, known as Polanquito, is filled with culture, great food, and cool places to shop.

Mexico City’s Trendiest Neighborhood

Polanquito is famous as Mexico City’s coolest spot. It’s full of fancy shops, art galleries, and top restaurants and bars. Kimpton Virgilio is at the heart of this trend, where you can really get to know the local life and enjoy the best the city offers.

Steps Away from High-End Shopping and Renowned Restaurants

Right next to Kimpton Virgilio you will fund multiple shopping places and Upscale restaurants. It has all the big fashion names and luxury items. You can shop a lot or just look around at the new styles.

Polanquito is also great for eating out. There are lots of well-known places to try, from Mexican to dishes from around the world. You can even find one of the Best Bars in the world in the Polanquito Are: Licoreria Limantour

Having Drinks at Licoreria Limantour Polanco

These are The Two Rooms I stayed at my 2 Night Stay at Kimpton Virgilio

I stayed two nights at Kimpton Virgilio. It was a luxury hotel in Mexico City. I got to see the standard room and the jr. suite terraza spa. Each had special features and amazing views. They made my stay unforgettable.

Night #1: The Standard Room

Kimpton Virgilio

The first night, I was in the standard room and paid $250 per night however I got an Upgrade which I will explain in just a few moments. This room was more than I expected. The design and details made it cozy. The bed was soft, and the bathroom was quite spacious. It was perfect for relaxing even if it was the basic room it was quite a spacy room to relax and unwind.

Night #2: The Junior Suite Premium Spa Balcony View

For my second night, I got an Upgrade and moved to the jr. suite terraza spa. It amazed me. The suite had a living area and the best view in the hotel. The balcony showed a beautiful neighborhood view, which was breathtaking.The Regular price for this Room is $500 approximately depending on the season.

Kimpton Virgilio

This Junior Suite option will give you the best view of all the rooms available in this hotel and LOVED it so much especially with my beautiful Balcony sharing in the next photo.

Balcony View

The jr. suite terraza spa was calm and beautiful. The bathroom felt like a spa. It was stocked with great products and soft robes. There was a sitting area and a comfy bed. I felt at home, away from the city’s busy life.

The art and the furniture were all picked with care. Whether in the standard room or the jr. suite terraza spa, you feel special. Staying here is an exceptional experience. The hotel makes sure your time in Mexico City is amazing.

Immerse Yourself in Personalized Service

Staying at The Kimpton Hotel Virgilio in the Polanco are brings some great perks that I noticed during my stay and wanted to share some of the highlights of these Perks:

Complimentary Wine and Amenities

Wine and Treats left at the Desk of my suite

The little things matter a lot for the Kimpton Hotel Staff. There are free treats on the desk of my room when I checked in that made my time even better. I can relax with a glass of wine after my adventures and check out the local bathrobes that are as colorful as they are soft. Plus, I can use the free bikes to explore the lively district of Polanquito.

Kimpton Virgilio
The Front Desk of the Kimpton Virgilio Hotel

At Kimpton Virgilio, personalized care is part of the experience. I noticed that the team is always ready to go beyond to meet my needs. Whether it’s tips on where to eat, what to see, or just a friendly conversation, they are here for me. They want my stay to exceed all my expectations.

Indulge in Exquisite Dining Experiences

The Hotel offers restaurants led by skilled chefs who bring their love and imagination into every meal. They present a wide variety of flavors to excite and satisfy you.

Savor Tapas and Latin-Inspired Cuisine at Two Restaurants

I had Dinner at Pepe Mesa Española dedicated to amazing Spanish food. You’ll find each dish bursting with taste, made from the best local ingredients and timeless recipes. Looking for Mexican and Peruvian flavors? Don’t miss La Caña Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, where delicious food meets beautiful city views.

Pepe Mesa Española: Colorful Spanish Cuisine

When you step into Pepe Mesa Española, it’s like stepping into Spain itself. This restauran brings the tastes of Spain alive in every Spanish Dish with some unique twists to make the dishes and taste more interesting. Delight in everything from patatas bravas to gambas al ajillo, showing off Spain’s rich culinary history. I had the Lamb with Apple Purée and Oh My God it was beyond incredible. This restaurant is brand new and definitely offers a high quality dinner experience.

La Caña Rooftop Bar & Restaurant: Mexican and Peruvian Delights

Kimpton Virgilio

La Caña Rooftop Bar & Restaurant mixes Mexican and Peruvian flavors into unforgettable meals. Enjoy the spirited Mexican cuisine and its fresh takes on traditional dishes. Then, explore the enticing tastes of Peru with dishes like ceviche and lomo saltado.

Both places offer unique cocktails that pair perfectly with the food. They are handcrafted to complement your meal, featuring our team’s creativity. Here, you’ll find a wide range of drinks that mix fine ingredients with culinary flair, turning your meal into an exceptional experience.

Unwind in the Refreshing Rooftop Oasis

Escape the busy Mexico City streets to our rooftop oasis. It’s a peaceful space high above the city. Step onto the terrace to see a refreshing rooftop pool sparkling in the sunshine. It calls you to jump in and cool down.

This rooftop pool is not just for swimming. It’s also a place to relax and enjoy the stunning city views. You will see a mix of modern and historic buildings. It creates a beautiful view for as far as you can see.

Stunning City Views and Relaxing Cabanas

If you want a peaceful place, our relaxing cabanas are perfect. They have soft cushions and let in a soft breeze. It’s ideal for quiet relaxation, whether alone or with others.

Signature Cocktails and Locally Inspired Snacks

Kimpton Virgilio

A rooftop visit isn’t complete without a great drink. Our bartenders make signature cocktails that celebrate Mexico. You can enjoy margaritas or something new. It adds something special to your visit.

With your drinks, try our locally inspired snacks. We offer dishes showcasing Mexico’s best flavors. Enjoy guacamole, tostadas, tacos, and more. They’re perfect for matching the roof’s great atmosphere and your taste.

Enjoy the pool, find peace in a cabana, or taste our unique dishes. The Kimpton Virgilio has everything you need for a great time. You’ll love the views, drinks, and food. It’s a memorable experience in Mexico City’s rooftop sanctuary.

State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Kimpto Virgilio

The fitness center is open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. This gives you time to workout before or after seeing Mexico City. The Gym has something for everyone, whether you love cardio or strength training.

In the gym, you’ll see treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes. There are also free weights and machines. Don’t forget the wide open areas. They’re ideal for stretching, yoga, or doing bodyweight exercises. You can make your workout just how you like.

There is No Spa: However


While the hotel doesn’t have an on-site spa, the Hotel Manager told me that if I request a particular spa service, the management can bring in external professional spa services to my room, with the charges conveniently added to my room bill.

Experience the Best of Boutique Hotel Amenities

one of the perks is the fabulous rooftop where you can do Yoga in the morning

The Kimpton Virgilio Hotel, offers comfort and perks just for you and here are some of the Perks that really caught my attention.

Complimentary Bikes and Daily Glass of Wine

The Hotel offers free bikes to explore the lively Polanquito district. It’s a great way to see unique spots and feel the area’s vibe. Then, relax with a free glass of wine every day in our cozy lounge.

Luxurious Linens and Premium Bluetooth Speakers

My bed is set good quality linens that are great for a Good Night Sleep. Plus, each room offers Bluetooth speakers to play your favorite music and chill out.

Kimpton Virgilio is loaded with special stuff to make my trip extra nice. I love the premium bath products made from the best stuff on earth. I can connect to Wi-Fi super fast, order room service around the clock, and snack from my room’s mini bar filled with tasty local goodies.

But that’s not all. I enjoy amazing views of the city, our rooftop bar, unique room choices, and a concierge ready to help. Everything is packed in to give me an unforgettable stay.

Explore the Wonders of Mexico City

mexico city
The view of the Angel of Independence in Mexico City

Mexico City has so much to see and do. It’s the perfect place for anyone who loves adventure, culture, and great food.

The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) is one of Mexico City’s most famous spots. It’s a beautiful building showing off the city’s art past. Inside, you’ll find amazing murals, sculptures, and paintings by top Mexican artists.

Private Tours of the National Museum of Anthropology

anthropology museum

For a deep dive into Mexico’s history and culture, visit the National Museum of Anthropology. It’s a top museum with lots of ancient objects. These objects show the different groups that lived in Mexico throughout history.

I joined a private tour that I booked through Viator at the Museum. Our guide made the ancient artworks and exhibits really come to life. I learned all about the Aztecs, Mayans, and more through their amazing creations.

If you love history or art, a private tour of the Museum is a must. It’s an amazing way to connect with Mexico’s past and its varied cultures. You’ll come away with a new love for Mexico’s rich heritage.

Final Thoughts of my Stay at the Kimpton Virgilio Hotel

Kimpton Virgilio

I recently stayed at the Kimpton Virgilio Hotel and was amazed. It’s located in the hip Polanquito area of Mexico City. This boutique hotel welcomes pets and combines luxury with the cozy feel of authentic Mexico. The modern design and friendly, personal staff made my stay memorable from the start.

The highlight was the rooftop. It boasted a cool pool and La Caña, a lively bar. Here, I enjoyed tasty snacks and unique cocktails. The view from up there was stunning, showcasing Mexico City’s vibrant cityscape. I also loved the food at Pepe Mesa Española, the hotel’s Spanish eatery. It served up colorful, tasty dishes.

I was thrilled with the little touches at the Kimpton Virgilio Hotel. They let guests use bikes to explore and gave us wine every day. Plus, in-room yoga mats were a nice surprise. Every detail was perfect for a stay that I’ll never forget.


What makes Kimpton Virgilio a unique boutique hotel experience?

Kimpton Virgilio is unlike any other place, offering a stay that’s tailored just for you. You’ll find top-notch rooms, modern designs, and a green approach. They even give you wine, yoga mats, and funky bathrobes, making your stay an escape. It feels like a hidden gem with a touch of the Pacific Northwest, right in Mexico City’s center.

What is the location of Kimpton Virgilio, and what attractions are nearby?

This hotel sits in Polanquito, known as Mexico City’s cool spot, like Tribeca. It’s close to great shops at Antara Fashion Hall, famous eateries, and bars. Plus, places like the National Museum of Anthropology are nearby.

What types of rooms are available at Kimpton Virgilio?

During my time, I tried both a Standard Room and a Junior Suite Premium Spa Balcony View. The Standard Room is snug and lavish, perfect for a comfy night. The Junior Suite, on the other hand, offers a stunning scene, a big balcony, and spa perks.

What dining options are available at Kimpton Virgilio?

Kimpton Virgilio boasts Pepe Mesa Española for lively Spanish tapas, and La Caña Rooftop Bar & Restaurant for local Mexican and Peruvian cuisines. These places are not just for eating; they craft amazing cocktails and use top-notch ingredients, all with a view that takes your breath away.

What amenities are available at the rooftop pool?

The rooftop pool at Kimpton Virgilio is perfect for chilling. It treats you to beautiful views and comfy cabanas. You can have cocktails and tasty snacks as you relax. It’s open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and the menu from La Caña is ready for you.

Does Kimpton Virgilio offer fitness facilities?

Yes, they have a top-level gym and yoga for your well-being. The gym has all equipment for workouts or mellow yoga. You can use it from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

What additional amenities and services are available at Kimpton Virgilio?

Kimpton Virgilio gives lots of cool extras, like bikes, a daily wine treat, soft beddings, speakers, fancy bath stuff, and more. There’s also a concierge, fast Wi-Fi, all-day eating in your room, and a mini bar stocked with tasty local goods.

Is Kimpton Virgilio a pet-friendly hotel?

Absolutely, Kimpton Virgilio loves your four-legged pals, inviting them to join your trip to Mexico City.

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