Encore Las Vegas Review: A Luxurious Oasis on the Strip

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Encore Las Vegas

Opened in December 2008, Encore at Wynn Las Vegas brought luxury to new heights. This five-star hotel boasts 2,034 rooms. It has set a global standard for luxury that perfectly blends Vegas charm with high-end lavishness. My visit was a chance to see why this spot, dubbed an architectural wonder, stands at the peak of luxury.

Upon reaching Encore Las Vegas, its specialness was evident. It rises tall above the Strip, an island of elegance among Vegas’ lively chaos. Every detail speaks of luxury, from the peacock themes to the silky 507-thread-count linens. The memories one gathers here, overlooking the iconic Strip from your room, truly capture the essence of opulence. This is the ultimate review of my fabulous stay at The Encore Las Vegas Hotel.

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Welcome to Encore Las Vegas: First Impressions

Encore Las Vegas
Encore and Wynn Las Vegas

Stepping into Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, I was amazed by the detailed luxury. The lobby was alive with color, filled with flowers and unique peacock lights. This set the upscale tone for my hotel stay.

Encore is at the north of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s across from the elegant Fashion Show mall. It offers a peaceful getaway but is close to the city’s excitement. The atmosphere is exclusive, perfect for those looking for luxury.

Encore Las Vegas
The Main Entrance to The Encore
  • The Las Vegas Strip location provided unbeatable access to city attractions while offering a secluded haven from the usual crowd.
  • Encore Las Vegas ambience was characterized by an understated elegance that catered to both luxury-seekers and business travelers alike.
  • The combination of exclusivity and central location facilitated an unparalleled upscale hotel experience that fully immersed me in the luxury lifestyle of Las Vegas.

At first sight, I knew Encore Las Vegas would be incredible. It merges unique charm with luxury, promising a memorable stay. This happens right in the heart of the Strip.

Experiencing the Swift Check-In and Thoughtful Amenities at Encore

Encore Las Vegas

Upon arriving at Encore Las Vegas, the fast check-in process impressed me right away. This quick check-in made my arrival smooth. The Encore Las Vegas hospitality shone, thanks to the staff offering personal service.

  • Exceptional, stress-free reception that gets you settled into luxury quickly
  • Welcome that shows Encore Las Vegas hospitality, meeting my needs with care

The five-star hotel amenities were amazing, from daily needs to extra treats. It was great to have valet parking and Wi-Fi for free. This made my exploration of the resort easy.

  1. Free valet and self-parking, meaning I didn’t have to worry about where I parked
  2. Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi across the resort, keeping me in touch personally and professionally
  3. Ability to use all features at Wynn Las Vegas, giving me more to enjoy

The luxury service at Encore redefines what top-tier means. From the attentive staff to the flawless facilities, Encore Las Vegas offers a unique and flawless experience.

Opulence Unleashed: Suite Luxury at Encore

Encore Las Vegas

Entering the Resort King Suite at Encore Las Vegas was like stepping into a world of luxurious living. It featured the perfect mix of modern comfort and high-end perks. My suite was breath-taking, with every corner reflecting beauty and top-notch design.

The Encore Resort King Suite and its amenities highlights

My view at the King Suite Room
  • Breathtaking Views: The room had floor-to-ceiling windows. They let me see the amazing Las Vegas skyline and the Las Vegas Sphere.
  • Seamless Technology: I could control everything in the suite with an iPad and Alexa. It was the smartest kind of luxury.
  • Elegant Marble Bathrooms: The bathrooms were beautiful with their deep tubs and rain showers. They showed off the suite’s lavish style.
  • Personalized Comfort: I could control the curtains and lighting for perfect privacy. This made the suite feel just right for me.

My stay was not just comfortable, but truly luxurious. It showed me what a high-end room should be. From the beautiful design to the advanced technology, the Resort King Suite at Encore Las Vegas was perfect in every way.

The Bathroom was quite Spacious

Encore Las Vegas: A Five-Star Feast for the Senses

Encore Las Vegas offers an unforgettable dining experience. It’s a key part of the luxury feeling at the resort. The resort brings top-notch options to every meal, making it a standout place for high-end tastes.

Sinatra’s Culinary Homage: An Italian Epicurean Delight

Dine like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself at Sinatra, Encore’s signature Italian restaurant. Expect sophisticated takes on classics like spaghetti and clams or osso buco alongside stunning ambiance filled with Frank Sinatra memorabilia and swinging music. Be prepared for a fine dining experience with entrees likely exceeding $80. For a taste of Vegas glamour with a side of Italian fare, Sinatra’s a sure bet.

Casa Playa: Mexican Cuisine with a Modern Twist

This vibrant restaurant offers a modern twist on coastal Mexican cuisine. Chef Sarah Thompson’s menu features fresh seafood, seasonal ingredients, and shareable plates like whole snapper tempura and pork belly al pastor. Don’t forget to explore their extensive tequila and mezcal selection, perfect for complementing the innovative flavors. Expect a lively atmosphere and upscale pricing.

Stepping into SW Steakhouse: A Mecca for Meat Lovers

Encore Las Vegas

SW Steakhouse takes American steakhouse traditions to new heights. It’s famous for its top cuts and elegant sides. This makes it a must-visit, offering amazing food and a dining space you won’t forget. You also get an amazing view of the Wynn Fountain and at night a magnificent spot to view the Wynn’s Show Lake of Dreams beginning at dusk with a show every 30 minutes.

The Vibrant Vista: Exploring the Pools of Encore (You can also use the Wynn Pool)

Encore Las Vegas

At Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, I found a splendid world of water fun. Here, pools go beyond the norm, offering a peaceful and lavish spot to relax. They are key to the resort’s charm.

Encore Las Vegas
  • The adult pool, known for its European-style allows for topless sunbathing, providing an exclusive adult experience that embodies sophistication and privacy.
  • Adjacent to the adult oasis, the main pool area at Encore stands out for its tranquility—a stark contrast to the energetic vibes of the typical Las Vegas pool scenes.

Every part of the pool area at Encore shows luxury. You can relax in cozy cabanas and enjoy service near the water. This high-end experience is all about comfort.

You can use The Wynn Las Vegas Pool

While Encore guests enjoy access to both the Encore and Wynn Las Vegas pools, Wynn Las Vegas guests can only use the pools at their own hotel.

I loved every moment at the Encore pools. They were perfect for basking in the sun and being pampered. It truly made my luxury stay unforgettable.

The Intimate Indulgence: Encore Spa and Fitness Center

Encore Las Vegas

Walking into Encore Las Vegas spa, I felt like I’d been swept into a luxury Moroccan retreat. This spa wins the prestigious Forbes Five-Star Spa Awards for good reason. It’s a place where you can heal your body and soul with different massages, wraps, and facials.

The spa connects to a modern fitness center at Encore. It’s perfect if you want inner peace or to keep fit. You can join yoga or have a strong workout any time. The gym is filled with new equipment and offers various fitness classes.

  • The Encore Las Vegas spa pampers guests in its plush treatment rooms, customizing every service for pure happiness.
  • After spa indulgence, the modern fitness center helps reinvigorate your body with top-notch gear and a mix of exercise classes.
  • By combining the calm from the spa and the energy at the gym, Encore creates a full wellness experience.
  • Their award-winning spa and modern fitness center are outstanding.

Entertainment Extravaganza: Nightlife and Shows at Encore

Step into the lively world of Encore Las Vegas and you’re in for a treat. The place is packed with all kinds of ways to have fun. From luxurious vibes to buzzing nightlife, Encore has it all.

XS Nightclub: A Trendsetting Party Venue

Encore Las Vegas

XS Nightclub at Encore is the heartbeat of its nightlife. It shines bright among Las Vegas’ party spots. Here, you’ll find famous DJs, celebs, and a vibe that keeps you moving all night. The high-class party scene at Encore is on full display here.

Awakening Las Vegas: A brand new show in town

Encore Las Vegas

Encore has upped its game with ‘Awakening Las Vegas,’ a must-see show. It’s got eye-catching visuals, live tunes, and acting that pulls you in. This show really shows off Encore’s creative side. This is a $120 million show that you cannt miss with amazing visuals.

Eastside Lounge Bar and its Dueling Pianos

Encore Las Vegas

Want a chill night? Check out the Eastside Lounge and its dueling pianos. The elegant setting, live tunes, and great drinks make for a perfect evening. It’s a cozy spot at Encore that’s hard to beat.

Encore at Wynn Las Vegas has something special every night. You could end up dancing at XS Nightclub, catching a live show at Encore Beach Club, or enjoying music at Eastside Lounge.

High Stakes Haven: The Casino Experience at Encore

Even though I don’t gamble, Encore Las Vegas casino draws me in. The casino stands out at the grand resort. It’s full of classy gaming tables and top-notch slot machines, all designed for a special luxury gambling experience.

  • The exclusive décor blends opulence with modernity, echoing the grandiose vibe of the entire resort.
  • A diverse range of table games, from the easy ones to the more complex, await guests.
  • There are also slot machines that feature both traditional and the latest games.

The high-roller perks at Encore make the gaming even more special for big players. You get your own team, like personal hosts and entry to private areas. This brings a private and elite feel that matches Encore Las Vegas’s high standards.

Retail Therapy: Shopping at Encore’s Luxury Boutiques

My trip to the Encore Las Vegas was more than a break. It felt like stepping into a world of luxury. Wandering down the beautiful corridors, I was captivated by the range of top-end stores. Everywhere I looked, fancy designer brands lured me in, from iconic Chanel to the handcrafted beauty of Hermès.

  • Designer Brands: At Encore, I could easily find the top designers all in one place.
  • Luxury Shopping: They have everything, from luxury jewelry to custom-made clothes, perfect for their high-end guests.
  • Personalized Experience: The staff was so attentive and the service so personalized that it made my trip memorable. It showcased the luxury you expect from such a high-end location.

What’s more, linking to Wynn Plaza opens up even more luxury shopping. You get a huge range of upscale stores to explore right next door. This means you can dive deep into luxurious styles without straying far from the comfort of the resort.

The Encore Beach Club 

I might not have been lounging the poolside in Vegas during my stay, but I stumbled upon something amazing I wanted to share. Have you heard of the Encore Beach Club (EBC)?

This spot looks incredible! Imagine soaking up the sun by a massive pool during the day, then dancing under the stars to world-famous DJs at night. They’ve got cabanas, daybeds, and all the glitz Las Vegas is known for.

Even though I can’t make it this time, I figured some of you out there might be interested. EBC is typically open Fridays to Sundays from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but it’s always a good idea to check the Wynn Nightlife website for exact hours and upcoming DJ info. Who knows, maybe next time I’m in Vegas, I’ll be there sharing my own poolside experience!

The Wider Wynn World: Amenities Beyond Encore

As I stepped past Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, the vast amenities amazed me. Among them, the 18-hole golf course shines. A top-notch spot for golfing, it’s also perfectly placed. You can enjoy the game with a view of the lively Las Vegas Strip.

Inside, luxury spreads throughout. The rooms are more than comfy, thanks to Wynn Dream Beds. These beds promise a sleep like no other. It’s clear, everything from the golf course to the bed sheets, aims to make guests’ stay unforgettable.

  • Access to Wynn Golf Club with comprehensive facilities
  • Luxurious Wynn Dream Beds in each room for unmatched comfort
  • Integration of resort amenities that ensure a sumptuous stay

All these features create an ambiance of luxury and attentive care. This is what makes Wynn Las Vegas more than a place to stay. It’s a must-visit destination.

Breakfast Credit with my Stay

Wynn Buffet

My stay included a room upgrade with panoramic views, plus daily breakfast credit for The Buffet. That’s right, I got to feast on international cuisine and decadent desserts for up to $50 a day, all while soaking in the Vegas skyline from my posh room.Now for this Breakfast Credit I was able to go to the Famous Wynn Buffet which I was able to enjoy Three days in a row and enjoyed multiple dishes. This offer will be valid for bookings until June 30th for stays up to December 28th 2024

Final Thoughts on My Amazing Stay at the Encore Resort

My time at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas made me very happy. The fancy rooms were super comfortable and top-tier, setting a high bar. I loved the Resort King Suite, which had big windows and high-tech controls. It made my stay both elegant and full of cool gadgets. The energetic view of Vegas from my room mixed perfectly with my relaxing space. This created a memorable experience boosted by Encore’s excellent service.

Eating at the Encore was like going on a food adventure. Every meal was special and well-crafted. Whether at Sinatra’s or Casa Playa, the food was amazing. The fun at XS Nightclub and Eastside Lounge made every night special. This showed me the lively heart of Las Vegas.

Leaving Encore, I can’t help but praise it with joy. It isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a collection of great moments and memories. Every moment from check-in to check-out felt like someone was warmly taking care of me. Encore at Wynn Las Vegas made my Vegas trip better. It marked my heart with its luxury, cozy vibe, and excellent care.


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