Chambao Polanco Restaurant Review: Amazing Steakhouse Dinner and Show

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Imagine walking into Chambao Polanco. It mixes Tulum’s coastal elegance with Mexico City’s Polanco’s busy sophistication. The moment you step in, you feel like you’re at a luxurious beach party. There’s the smell of steaks sizzling and live music all around. You know you’re in for an amazing night of great food and fun.

The first bite of their Rib Eye Steak was unforgettable. It was juicy and full of flavor. The perfect start to an amazing meal. The Four Cheese Risotto added a creamy touch, fitting amazingly with the meat. Live performers made the night even better. Chambao Polanco is a top spot in Polanco for dinner and a show. It truly earns its place as a top choice.

Introduction to Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco is located on the lively Av. Presidente Masaryk. It catches the eye with its elegant design and lively vibe. This restaurant mixes classic authentic Mexican cuisine with flavors from around the world, making it a top place to eat in Mexico City.

Overview of the Location

Chambao Polanco is in a prime spot in Mexico City. It is at the center of the city’s food and culture scene. People from Mexico and abroad come here for the delicious food and special atmosphere.

Ambiance and Décor

Walking into Chambao Polanco is like stepping into another world. The design is a fusion of grace and a beach holiday feel. Every detail, from the furniture to the soft lights, adds to the welcoming space. Chambao in Polanco is truly unique because of its perfect setting for a night to remember.

This Polanco restaurant is perfect for both quiet dinners and fun gatherings. The beautiful design and delightful food ensure an amazing time. It feels like a luxurious getaway in the heart of the city with each visit.

Dining Experience at Chambao Polanco

Entering Chambao Polanco, you feel at home and expect a wonderful night.

Service Quality

Great service is key to a memorable meal, and Chambao Polanco shines. The team welcomed me warmly and paid attention to every wish. They knew the menu well and served us quickly, making everything perfect. This excellent care makes Chambao Polanco a top choice in Mexico City.

Entertainment Elements

Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco stands out with its exciting entertainment. You enjoy live music, dancing, and modeling, which make dinner extraordinary. As I noted in my review, the lively feel and fun performances set it apart as an exceptional spot for dining.

Live Music and a DJ

Chambao’s soundtrack for an unforgettable evening blends live music and a resident DJ seamlessly. Throughout your dinner, expect a lively 30-minute rotation featuring talented saxophonists, guitarists, and even vocalists. In between these live sets, the DJ keeps the energy high, ensuring a continuous stream of fantastic tunes that will have you tapping your toes and swaying in your seat.

Chambao Polanco Menu Options

Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco’s menu is a taste adventure with something for everyone. It blends high-quality meats and the freshest seafood beautifully. This means every dish is not only delicious but also stunning.

Specialty Dishes

Chambao Polanco

The specialty dishes at Chambao Polanco are top-notch. The Porterhouse Steak is a must-try for meat lovers. It’s juicy and flavorful, cooked just right. Then there’s the Four Cheese Risotto, a creamy delight. It brings together varied tastes in perfect harmony. Seafood lovers will enjoy the fresh, quality options as well.

Beverages and Cocktails

Chambao Polanco

The drinks at Chambao Polanco are as thoughtful as the food. The bar offers a mix of classic and new cocktails. Don’t miss The Famous “Chambao” Cocktail: Hibiscus ,Mezcal and Habanero which is a flavor-packed favorite. It fits perfectly with the special dishes. 

My Dining Experience at Chambao Polanco

My trip to Chambao Polanco was truly amazing. The mix of great food and live entertainment was perfect. I picked the famous Rib Eye Steak and the Four Cheese Risotto for my Steakhouse Dinner and Show.

Appetizer:The Small Rib Eye Tacos

Chambao Polanco

​The Small Rib Eye Tacos are delectable appetizers.Each bite-sized taco is filled with perfectly seasoned ribeye steak, complemented by a medley of fresh, flavorful toppings.

The attention to detail and the quality ingredients used in these tacos truly set them apart. The succulent ribeye is cooked to perfection, melting in your mouth with every bite. The tortillas are handmade and warm, adding a comforting touch to this already exquisite dish.

The Mini Cheese Empanadas

Chambao Polanco

For a savory start, consider Chambao’s Mini Cheese Empanadas. These delightful pockets are absent from the menu description, but a safe bet for cheese lovers. Bite-sized and perfect for sharing, they’re ideal for kicking off your Polanco culinary adventure.

Porterhouse Steak: Best Part of the Night

Chambao Polanco

The undisputed champion of my Chambao experience was their Famous Porterhouse Steak. This impressive cut, boasting both tender filet mignon and rich New York strip, arrived cooked to a juicy medium-well perfection. Each bite delivered a delightful contrast of textures and flavors, solidifying it as the highlight of my decadent Chambao dinner.

Rib Eye Steak

Chambao Polanci

The Rib Eye Steak was just right, cooked perfectly. It was juicy and tender, almost melting in my mouth. The flavors were so tasty. The slight char made it even better. It came with veggies and a great sauce, making everything on the plate awesome.

Four Cheese Risotto

Chambao Polanci

Now, the Four Cheese Risotto was a perfect match for the steak. It was creamy and rich. The aged cheeses gave it a deep flavor. And the arborio rice was cooked just how it should be. It was a great dish that showed how good the food is at Chambao Polanco.

Ending on a Sweet Note: The Magma Cake with Oreo Cookies and Caramel

Chambao Polanco

Capping off my Chambao experience on a blissful note was their legendary Magma Cake. This decadent dessert featured a warm, spongy chocolate cake studded with melty caramel and hidden Oreo chunks. Each spoonful was a symphony of textures and flavors – rich chocolate, gooey caramel, and the satisfying crunch of Oreos – all perfectly complemented by a scoop of cool vanilla ice cream. It was an incredible finale that left me wanting more.

Unique Features of Chambao Polanco


Chambao Polanco is decorated uniquely, blending beauty with a beach style. This mix of elegance and a laid-back feel welcomes guests to a top-notch dining experience. The place is known for its fancy inside and lively vibe, distinguishing it from nearby restaurants.

The restaurant is also famous for its exciting live shows. These performances add to the fun and lively feel of the place. They make Chambao Polanco a place that everyone, locals and tourists alike, should check out.

Comparison with Other Polanco Restaurants

I found Chambao Polanco to be very different from other places in Polanco. They really focus on quality in their food and service. Even though they might be pricier, you can see the worth in all aspects of your visit.

Price Point

Chambao Polanco charges a bit more because their food is top-notch and their setting is luxurious. They ensure the best quality in everything used. This makes them stand out in Polanco. Everything there is about excellence, from the food to how you’re served. Expect to Pay $125 per person minimum

Overall Experience

Chambao Polanco

The vibe at Chambao Polanco is truly special. Think of a fun place with live music and fancy decorations. Add to that the top-tier food; it makes Chambao a must-visit in Polanco. From the service to the dishes, Chambao is a step above the rest.

Entertainment Elements at Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco’s entertainment lifts your dining experience with fun layers to your night. I could feel the excitement the second I walked in. It set a perfect mood for an unforgettable evening.

Live Performers

Chambao Polanco

The live acts at Chambao Polanco make eating there a thrilling experience. You might see dancers moving to the beat, or hear musicians playing beautiful tunes. Each show brings the place alive, making a normal meal special.

Resident DJ

The DJ is key to keeping the vibe upbeat at Chambao. They pick music that keeps the party going and the fun flowing. Swapping tunes smoothly, they make every moment fresh and exciting, ensuring a night you won’t forget.

The performers and the DJ truly add to Chambao Polanco’s unique allure. They blend dining with pure joy, making your meal feel like an adventure.

Chambao Polanco Customer Reviews

*Restaurant reviews* for Chambao Polanco stand out with praise from many. Customers cheer the top-notch food and service. They love the lively environment, mixing great food with fun entertainment.

Positive Aspects

Chambao Polanco

Many *Chambao feedback* comments celebrate the restaurant’s best features. They highlight the fantastic steaks, especially the Rib Eye, and the creative cocktails. The unique beach-inspired design adds to the memorable feel.

Areas for Improvement

But not all *Chambao Polanco customer reviews* are perfect. Some mention the noise can get too loud, dampening the dining mood. This feedback is crucial. It guides Chambao in creating an even better visit for its guests.

Comparing Chambao Polanco to Its Sister Locations in Cabo and Tulum

Chambao Polanco
Chambao Tulum Main Entrance

Chambao Polanco is at the center of Mexico City’s lively dining scene. It has lots in common with the Cabo and Tulum locations. Each serves top-notch meals and offers great entertainment, making your visit special wherever you go.

Similarities in Menu and Experience

Chambao’s menus in Cabo and Tulum offer amazing dishes. You can enjoy great beef or fresh seafood no matter which one you visit. They also provide fun entertainment like live shows. This makes dining there a night to remember.

Unique Qualities of Each Location however the Other Locations are Pricier

Chambao Cabo

Chambao Polanco brings a coastal vibe to the city. Each sister site has its unique regional and local tastes. Chambao Cabo is by the beach, offering a fancy yet relaxed feel. Chambao Tulum is more laid-back, blending with its natural beauty.

However, visiting Cabo and Tulum might cost a bit more. This is because they’re by the water and have different foods.

Take the Famous Polanco Food Tour available on Viator

Photo by Trip Advisor

Explore the culinary delights of Polanco Mexico City with an exclusive Food Tour. Join an expert guide on a captivating walking tour that takes you to various esteemed eateries, providing an insider’s perspective on the local food scene.

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This intimate experience is tailored for a small group, limited to just 10 people, ensuring a personalized and engaging journey through the culinary hotspot of Polanco Mexico City. To secure your spot on this top-rated tour, exclusively available on Viator.

Final Thoughts of my Fancy Dinner Experience at Chambao Polanco

Chambao Polanco

My visit to Chambao Polanco was unforgettable. It combined great food, a lively show, and a touch of luxury. The dishes, like Rib Eye Steak and Four Cheese Risotto, showed the place’s dedication to top-notch meals. Live performers and music made the night lively and classy.

The service was spot on, making sure we were happy all through the evening. Chambao Polanco stands out in Mexico City for its mix of fine food, a beautiful setting, and fun shows. The beachy yet elegant design made it a unique place to dine.

Chambao Polanco is perfect for any night you want to remember. The review points out how it’s great for both special occasions and casual nights. With its unbeatable steak and fun entertainment, this steakhouse in Polanco ensures a night to never forget.


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